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A Scalable, On-Demand Platform to Generate Training Data For Machine Learning Models

shAIp offers a complete Human-In-The-Loop platform to acquire, label, and annotate diverse unstructured datasets for your most demanding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives.

Data Licensing

  • 5M+ Transcribed Patient Records in 31 specialities
  • 225k+ Hours of Patient Audio

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Data Sourcing

  • Collect text, image, audio, and video data
  • Source data from various regions/ geographies

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Data Transcription

  • AI-driven, cloud-based platform
  • 150+ languages supported | Guaranteed TAT & 99%+ Quality

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Data De-identification

  • API with human-in-loop & expert certification
  • De-id 5M+ text/images – HIPPA & GDPR Compliant

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Data Annotation

  • NER annotation, Sentiment, and Intent Analysis
  • Object Detection, Segmentation & Classification

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Use Cases

Conversational AI


Train & Develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, by intelligently categorizing, processing, and programming a large set of diversified data to mimic conversations with real people, through digital and telecommunication technologies. It lets you bring your AI to life by automating and streamlining activities, improving enterprise productivity, and boosts customer engagement. Chatbots and Digital Assistants are subsets of Conversational AI. Over 7000 experienced linguists/annotators have helped us build over 20000 hours of audio files available in 40+ languages.

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Data Transcription Services


Fast & accurate transcription services with our professional and certified transcribers across all domains such as healthcare, education, legal, financial, general conversation, and many more. We offer a cost-effective transcription solution with guaranteed TAT, accuracy, quality, and savings. We have experience in transcribing 40+ languages, including all Asian and European languages.

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Natural Language Processing Services


Accurately categorize, tag, label, and annotate – images, audios, and videos, to make specific objects recognizable for machines. We also assist you with contextual analysis, categorizing user sentiments, identifying the named entities recognition (NER) in a text document to prepare datasets for building smarter natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.

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Computer Vision


We offer a greater understanding of the visual world by exploring the fastest ways to label /annotate data, to build and train computer vision applications. We help you classify images based on the object, segment the objects into relevant categories, and detect different objects in images and videos with greater accuracy.

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Facial Recognition


Automatically detect one or more human faces based on key attributes such as gender, age, smile, including a multitude of other facial landmarks in the image / video. The platform can also search an existing database (DB) of human faces and can compare it with the faces detected in the image or video to find a close match.

Data Curation Services


Training Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) model requires the use of a large set of diversified datasets. We offer, offshore and onshore resources to fulfill all your data needs i.e. Data Extraction, Data Sourcing / Licensing, Data Labeling / Annotation, Data Transcription, Data De-Identification, etc.

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Solution Highlights

Built for AI-Training Data

An integrated platform to create, transform, and annotate data for AI models.

Quality at Scale

The shAIp platform scales with your business and will always deliver gold-standard data.

Remote Work Expertise

shAIp’s global workforce is not only robust but includes numerous screening processes to deliver quality output regardless of location.

Cloud-Based Platform

Our patented cloud-based platform can transcribe audio and annotate images and text while allowing you to distribute, track and monitor workloads worldwide.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

shAIp boasts the highest quality standards in the industry and we do it faster and at lower costs than our competitors.

Extend Your Team

shAIp’s workforce and subject matter experts can also serve as staff augmentation for your existing team.

Robust Training Data Platform

Training Data Platform to develop AI & ML Applications

shAIp Training Data Platform

Our cloud-based platform collects and labels text, speech, audio, images, and video to help you continuously train and improve AI & ML algorithms

What We offer

Machine Learning Services

Accelerating AI Development with Quality Data

With the right mix of technology and scalable teams we help you build well-annotated, reliable & gold standard datasets in large volumes for effective training of your Machine Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL) models through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision.


Data Processing Services

One-stop solution for all your data needs

Get large volumes of customized data that meet your exact requirements. We free up your team by taking care of the time-consuming tasks and sensitive data requirements so they can focus on high-value work that directly impacts your business.


How it Works


Our patented web-based platform is a critical part of every project. With full end-to-end integration, our platform simplifies workflow, reduces the friction of working with a distributed global workforce, and provides greater visibility, real-time quality control, and seamless collaboration.


shAIp is a team of 7,000+ collaborators consisting of credentialed project management, technology teams, & task-groups that work on Data Creation, Annotation, Sentiment Analysis, NER, QA, etc. Our team works with you, to understand the nuances of your business to ensure that we individually and collectively offer high-quality work and add value to your business.


Our processes and policies are defined to encourage open communication with a focus on scale and quality. Our dedicated team of 6 Sigma Black Belts will help create and then follow a robust set of processes that ensure short feedback loops and promote a rapid time-to-market.
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