ShaipCloud™ Platform

Proprietary Tech-driven Platform Empowering AI Data Services

Experience unparalleled functionality with a State-of-the-art AI Data platform that works smarter to deliver quality data and launch successful AI projects.


Robust Training Data Platform

ShaipCloud™ utilizes patented technology to collect, track and monitor workloads, transcribe audio and utterances, annotate text, image and video, as well as manage quality control and data exchange. The result? Your AI project gets the highest quality data possible. Not only do you get it quickly and at an affordable cost but as your AI project grows, ShaipCloud™ grows with it through scalability and platform integrations required to make your job easier and deliver successful results.

Shaip platform


The platform simplifies workflow, reduces the friction of working with a distributed global workforce, provides greater visibility, and real-time quality control. There are data platforms. Then there are AI data platforms. We’re the latter because the secure ShaipCloud™ human-in-the-loop platform offers the unparalleled functionality and speed to collect, transform and annotate large amounts of data (text, audio, images, and video) to train and improve AI & ML algorithms for NLP and Computer Vision use cases.

Platform Delivery Models

Managed Services

End-to-end services for swift, scalable, and consistent high-quality Data Collection and Annotation Tasks for your AI projects

Managed Crowd

Create unique dataset for your specific use case through 24/7 on-demand crowd contributors, expertly managed by certified project managers

Platform Capabilities

Data types for all of your ML needs

In order to build intelligent applications capable of understanding, machine learning models need to digest large amounts of structured training data. Gathering sufficient training data is the first step in solving any AI-based machine learning problem. We take a client-focused approach to provide AI training data services to meet your unique and specific standards when it comes to the quality and execution

Ai community

Harness the power of our AI Community

Leverage Our AI Community’s Strength with 30k qualified contributors 

We generate diverse and representative datasets through our extensive and trusted global AI Community, ensuring that human intelligence is harnessed in a way that minimizes bias and contributes to effective machine learning.

Data at scale

It’s not enough to feed a computer a large volume of data and expect it to learn on its own. Instead, AI requires proper training. Large-scale human annotation services are essential for teaching machines about human judgment.

Tailored Datasets

Developing a custom dataset can be complex and time-consuming, yet it is crucial for successful machine learning. Our expertise lies in delivering quick and efficient custom data solutions. Our global network of 30,000+ subject matter experts spans various industries, possessing experience in managing substantial data volumes, maintaining data quality, and addressing industry-specific use cases.

Secure Remote Workspace

Thanks to our ISO 27001 certified remote Secure Workspace solution, our worldwide workforce can handle your sensitive projects remotely without needing physical access to a secure facility. This enables the diverse talents of our remote team to minimize bias and offer multilingual support, even during global disruptions.

Avoid hefty privacy lawsuits with De-identification & User Consent

As AI advances, it amplifies the capacity to utilize personal information in manners that could potentially infringe on privacy rights. At Shaip, we prioritize privacy by anonymizing, de-identifying, and eliminating all personal identifiers and unique data points. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements & provides peace of mind by protecting against costly data privacy litigation. Additionally, we implement comprehensive user consent documents to be signed by users during the data collection process. This helps prevent any potential disputes or misunderstandings.


AI-Enabled Auto Segmentation

Segments can be created automatically. With transcribers no longer having to focus on creating timestamps, this increases their productivity as their solo focus is now dedicated to transcription.

High-Quality Audit Module

Leveraging a customized auto sampling segment, the system can set up a quality threshold for text and tag percentages. If quality criteria are not met, the system can auto-reject files as a result.

Workflow Module

The app lets you monitor overall workflow and optimize it by providing real-time user activity, status updates, and quality assurance reviews.

Auto-Allocation Capabilities

The admin module allows auto configuration of rules. Users can simply log into the system and begin tasks without having to wait for work to be assigned.

Collaboration that promotes quality

Multi-level quality checks and effective collaboration that drive successful projects executions and boosts model performance.

Admin Module

An all-encompassing admin module helps manage user registration and permissions, maintaining strict control of access level and workflow level permissions.


Intuitive User-Based Tools

AI-assisted tools allow for increased productivity and ease of use that better streamlines workflow rates overall. 

Configurable Formatting

All collected data is seamlessly converted into AI ingestible formats that are prepped and customized to accommodate exacting client needs.

Comprehensive Module Capabilities

Modules for Audit, Admin & workflow allow the platform to set optimal parameters ensuring your productivity is automated that produces quality results.

Patented Web-Based Platform

The patented web-based platform can be accessed from anywhere in the globe.

Quick & Complete Data Acquisition

Large volumes of data can be easily gathered from simple and complex sources, consistently meeting clients’ turnaround times with unerring accuracy.

Performance Management

Monitor efficiency and accuracy of individual annotators utilize historical data to filter and select workers for new tasks

High-quality training data YOUR AI model needs.

New off-the-shelf data is developed across all media (text, speech, image, video). Contact us to discuss creation of new licensable datasets.