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Human Powered Data Annotation and Labeling Services

shAIp Data Annotation/Labeling Service

In a world increasingly moderated by digitization, AI holds the crux of technological innovations. AI feeds on copious amounts of data and leverages machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and natural language processing (NLP) to continually learn and evolve. This enhances its cognitive decision-making capabilities.

Data annotation makes data with specific objects recognizable for AI engines. Tagging objects within textual, image, scans, etc. enable algorithms to interpret the labeled data and get trained to solve real business cases.

Leverage next-gen cognitive data labeling services to acquire readily available quality data to train AI/ML algorithms, developed by our pool of data annotation experts, and accelerate deep learning.

Service Differentiators

Expert Workforce Expert Workforce

Our pool of experts who are proficient in data annotation and labeling can procure accurate and effectively annotated datasets.

Scalability Scalability

Our team of collaborators can accommodate additional volume while maintaining the quality of data output.

Multi-Source/ Cross-Industry capabilities Multi-Source/ Cross-Industry capabilities

The team analyzes data from multiple sources and is capable of producing AI-training data efficiently and in volumes across all industries that are working on AI-based models.

Gain most of AI implementation Gain most of AI implementation

Data annotation generates high quality and ready-to-use datasets which enable AI/ Machine Learning Models to generate deeper insights and better decision making.

Focus on growth and innovation Focus on growth and innovation

Our team helps you prepare data for training AI engines, saving up valuable time and resources. This allows you to focus on holistic growth strategies.

Stay ahead of the competition Stay ahead of the competition

The wide gamut of variable data provides AI with copious amounts of information needed to train faster.

Text Annotation Services

Text Annotation

  • shAIp provides cognitive text annotation and labeling service designed to allow organizations to unlock critical information in unstructured data.
  • This unstructured data can include physician notes, discharge summaries, and pathology reports, using natural language processing to deliver domain-specific insights about information, such as symptoms, disease, allergies, and medication, to help drive insights for care.​

80% of data in the healthcare domain is unstructured, making it inaccessible to traditional analytics solutions without manual intervention. Accessing the data requires significant manual intervention, which limits the quantity of useable data and its impact on an organization’s decision making. Understanding text in the healthcare domain requires a deep understanding of healthcare terminology to unlock its potential. We provide human resources to help you label and annotate your healthcare data to improve your AI engine.

  • 100s of people available to deploy to start annotating your data.
  • This can be scaled to 1000s
  • The platform to annotate is designed with PHI in mind
  • Extraction of concepts from any source of unstructured text in de-identified medical records
  • Highly customizable annotation platform, providing the ability to tailor the labels to distinct healthcare use cases

Image Annotation

  • AI-enabled systems are not going to completely replace human medical experts, rather they will enhance their capabilities and effectiveness by automating the most repetitive activities that are homogeneous and prone to errors.
  • AI-backed Machines use the computer vision to detect patterns and correlate the same with medical imaging data to identify possible diseases and prepare reports after analysis.
  • Our Image Annotation services can help enhance your AI engine.
  • X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, and other image-based test reports can be easily screened to predict various ailments.
  • shAIp’s image labeling tool is helping the AI-enabled companies to create training data sets and develop cutting-edge machine learning models for the healthcare industry.
  • Our Healthcare trained workforce helps label pictures/images using a series of manual processes and high-end image classification technology to offer a faster scale healthcare annotation to build your models.
  • Scale to 1000s of people to manage any size of the database.
Image Annotation Services
Audio Annotation

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation has been a forte of shAIp since the beginning. Develop, train & improve conversational AI and Chatbots with our state-of-the-art audio annotation services. Our network of qualified linguists across the globe with an experienced project management team can collect hours of multilingual audio and annotate large volumes of data to train voice-enabled applications. We also transcribe audio files to extract meaningful insights available in audio formats.

Video Annotation

Capture each object in the video, frame-by-frame, and annotate it to make the moving objects recognizable by machines. We have the experience and the technology to help you with a comprehensively labeled datasets for all your video annotation needs.

Video Labeling

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Google, Inc.


Creating clinical NLP is a critical task that requires tremendous domain expertise to solve. I can clearly see that you are several years ahead of Google in this area. I want to work with you and scale you.

Google, Inc.

Head of Engineering

My engineering team worked with shAIp’s team for 2+ years during the development of healthcare speech APIs. We have been impressed with their work done in healthcare-specific NLP and what they are able to achieve with complex datasets.

Our Capability


Dedicated and trained teams:

  • 7000+ collaborators for Data Creation, Labeling & QA
  • Credentialed Project Management Team
  • Experienced Product Development Team
  • Talent Pool Sourcing & Onboarding Team


Highest process efficiency is assured with:

  • Robust 6 Sigma Stage Gate Process
  • Dedicated team of 6 Sigma black belts – Key process owners and Quality compliance
  • Continuous Improvement & Feedback Loop


Patented platform offers benefits:

  • Web-based end-to-end platform
  • Impeccable Quality
  • Faster TAT
  • Seamless Delivery

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