Transcription Services

Fast & accurate transcription services with our professional and certified transcribers across all domains such as healthcare, education, legal, financial, general conversation and many more.

  • Super Fast: We guarantee to meet your project TAT (Turnaround Time)
  • Quality & Price: We ensure your transcription standards are kept high, within your budget
  • Global Coverage: Support 150+ languages, including all Asian and European languages

Conversational Data Collection

High quality conversational content (audio/video) sourcing and creation in native languages.

  • Quality & Price: We ensure your data standards are kept high, within your budget
  • Global Coverage: We can collect and support data for 150+ languages, including all Asian and European languages
  • Data Type: Conversational data on diverse topics, including telephonic or web-based interviews
  • Delivery: We deliver in the format you need or your AI model requires

Transcription Platform

Our state of the art, user friendly platform helps transcribers drastically improve productivity, without sacrificing high quality.

  • Intelligent Workflow: Control playback or insert timestamp with handy keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto-saves each keystroke: Focus on task at hand without fearing loss of work
  • Secure & Private: Built on Amazon AWS’s security & trusted by thousands of transcribers

What makes us different?

In today’s digital economy, technology businesses must act quickly to respond to ever rising global market demands, but are tired of the slow speed, higher cost and limited global reach of conventional transcription companies. On the other hand, online transcription tools have failed to deliver quality output that AI model thrives on. Moreover, poor quality of data sources exacerbates the challenges faced by them. bridges this gap for technology businesses by providing end to end solution to source, create and transcribe content for 150+ languages to train your AI model, with utmost accuracy. We deliver the fastest, quality transcription services on the planet. We do this by leveraging our ground-breaking AI based Transcription platform which allows your transcription requirements to be instantly sent to our pre-qualified transcribers, with global network of 10,000+ linguists. This enhances your ability to get ahead in launching products in global market.

Our 360 degree package for you

Quality Data
Data Creation
Guaranteed TAT
Guaranteed TAT and 99%+ Quality
Professional Native Transcriptionist
Professional Native Transcriptionist
Dashboard (Track real-time progress)
Flexible Delivery
Flexible Delivery Format
Fully Dedicated Customer
Fully Dedicated Project Manager
Fast Response
Fast Response with 24*7 support
Compliance and Security
Compliance and Security


Albanian (SQ)
Amharic (AM)
Arabic (AR)
Armenian (HY)
Australian English (AE)
Azerbaijani (AZ)

Guarani (GN)
Gujarati (GU)
Hebrew (IW)
Hindi (HI)
Hungarian (HU)
Icelandic (IS)

Polish (PL)
Portuguese (PT)
Portuguese (PT)
Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)
Punjabi (PA)
Romanian (RO)

Basque (EU)
Belarusian (BE)
Bengali (BN)
Bihari (BH)
Bosnian (BS)
Breton (BR)
Bulgarian (BG)
Burmese (MY)
Catalan (CA)
Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)
Chinese, Simplified (ZS)
Chinese, Traditional (ZT)
Croatian (HR)
Czech (CS)
Danish (DA)
Dutch (NL)
Estonian (ET)
Faroese (FO)
Filipino (TL)
Finnish (FI)
French (FR)
French, Canadian (CF)
Galician (GL)
German (DE)
Greek (EL)

Igbo (IG)
Indonesian (ID)
Irish (GA)
Italian (IT)
Japanese (JA)
Kannada (KN)
Khmer (KM)
Korean (KO)
Lao (LO)
Latin (LA)
Latvian (LV)
Lithuanian (LT)
Macedonian (MK)
Malagasy (MG)
Malay (MS)
Malayalam (ML)
Maltese (MT)
Marathi (MR)
Moldavian (MO)
Mongolian (MN)
Montenegrin (ME)
Nepali (NE)
Norwegian (NO)
Pashto (PS)

Russian (RU)
Scots Gaelic (GD)
Serbian (SR)
Sesotho (ST)
Shona (SN)
Slovak (SK)
Slovenian (SL)
Somali (SO)
Spanish (ES)
Swahili (SW)
Swedish (SV)
Tajik (TG)
Tanchangya (TC)
Thai (TH)
Tibetan (BO)
Tonga (TO)
Turkish (TR)
Uighur (UG)
Ukrainian (UK)
Urdu (UR)
Uzbek (UZ)
Valencian (VA)
Vietnamese (VI)
Welsh (CY) and many more…