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Image Annotation for Computer Vision

Image annotation

Make Sense of the Visual World 

Computer vision is all about making sense of the visual world to train computer vision applications. Its success completely boils down to what we call image annotation – the fundamental process behind the technology that makes machines make intelligent decisions and this is exactly what we are about to discuss and explore.

This guide handpicks concepts and presents them in the simplest ways possible so you have good clarity on what it is about. It helps you have a clear vision of how you could go about developing your product, the processes that go behind it, the technicalities involved, and more.

In this buyers guide you will learn:

  • A quick introduction to Image Annotation
  • What kind of Images can be Annotated?
  • What details are added to an Image during Annotation?
  • Types of Image Annotation Functions?
  • How are Images Annotated? or Image Annotation Techniques?
  • Use Cases for Image Annotation
  • How do you approach Image Annotation?
  • Factors to consider when choosing a Data Annotation Vendor


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