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AI Data Collection / Sourcing

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Preliminary step to make AI work in the real-world

Machines don’t have a mind of their own. They are devoid of opinions, facts, and capabilities such as reasoning, cognition, and more. To turn them into powerful mediums, you need algorithms and more importantly – data, that is relevant, contextual, and recent. The process of collecting such data for machines to serve their intended purposes is called AI data collection.

Every single AI-enabled product or solution we use today and the results they offer stem from years of training, development, and optimization. AI data collection is the preliminary step in the process of AI development that right from the beginning determines how effective and efficient an AI system would be. It is the process of sourcing relevant datasets from a myriad of sources that will help AI models process details better and churn out meaningful results.

In this buyer’s guide you will learn:

  • What is AI Data Collection? Its types?
  • How to acquire AI Training Data for your ML Model?
  • How does bad data affect your AI ambitions?
  • Factors to consider when coming up with an effective budget for your AI Training Data
  • Benefits of an end-to-end AI Training Data service provider
  • How to choose the right AI Data Collection vendor-


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