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Better AI Data.
Better Results.

High quality data that powers the worlds
most demanding AI initiatives.
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Better AI Data.
Better Results.

High quality data that powers the worlds
most demanding AI initiatives.
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Better AI Data.
Better Results.

High quality data that powers the worlds
most demanding AI initiatives.

We empower our customers around the world to launch their most demanding AI initiatives.

It’s a big world out there. But it’s made smaller by AI and the data that powers it. That’s where Shaip fits in because we create, license or transform your unstructured data into highly accurate and customized training data for your most demanding AI initiatives and machine learning models.
Through our complete range of data services, we help your AI projects work harder, smarter and faster to achieve the best outcomes possible. And because our platform integrates with all major cloud providers, the sky is the limit to what your next AI project can achieve in the real world.

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What We Do Best

Training Data

Get the highest quality labeled data in a fraction of the time. It’s gold-standard, reliable and ready to train your AI and ML models to attain the highest levels of performance.

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Data Collection, Labeling & Annotation

With Shaip you get 15+ years of proven expertise in collecting, transcribing, and annotating quality data. With our global work force, we can collect data from across the globe, then provide transcription, and annotation services with the perfect level of skill and expertise required for your data.

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Data Catalogs & Licensing

With our vast inventory of millions of datasets, you can collect and organize as required. We can then license that quality data for your specific AI and ML use requirements. Plus, this data is available at a fraction of the cost if you were to create it yourself.

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Benefit from our Global Training Data Ecosystem

We utilize our global network of data creators and subject matter experts to meet any project requirements. If you have to meet tight deadlines, no problem. Our services can be quickly scaled up anytime to deliver data in just nearly every format i.e. text, audio, image, video in a short timeframe.


A complete human-in-the-loop proprietary platform to source, transcribe and annotate diverse datasets for successfully deploying the most demanding AI and ML initiatives.

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To make AI think smarter takes people who are some of the smartest minds in the industry. We can scale to thousands of these professionals throughout the world to transcriber, label, and annotate all data types.

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Delivering gold-standard data that is consistent, complete and accurate is complex work. But it’s what we always deliver because we adhere to the highest quality standards as well as stringent and proven controls and checkpoints.

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Industry Solution

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Every industry is unique. So are their AI data requirements.

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Insurance
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ShaipCloud™ Platform

ShaipCloud Platform
The ShaipCloud™ platform works with whatever you do to solve your most demanding AI challenges.
Learn more about our scalable, on-demand platform that empowers teams to generate training data for their machine learning models. Learn more

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