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The progress in Generative AI technologies is ceaseless, bolstered by fresh data sources, meticulously curated training and testing datasets, and model refinement via reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) procedures.

RLHF in generative AI leverages human insights, including domain-specific expertise, for behavioral optimization and accurate output generation. Fact-checking from domain experts ensures the model’s responses are not only contextually relevant but also trustworthy. Shaip provides accurate data labeling, credential domain experts, and evaluation services, enabling seamless integration of human intelligence into the iterative fine-tuning of Large Language Models.

Optimizing Gen AI Models with Curated Data & Human Feedback

Optimizing gen ai models


Utilize prompt generation with LLMs to augment existing datasets & improve model coverage on diverse topics, ensuring robust performance.


Engage subject matter experts to refine, and annotate unstructured data sources into structured formats suitable for ML algorithms.

Model Refinement with RLHF

Fine-tune AI models by integrating ongoing human review into model development through an iterative process of evaluation & refinement to optimize output.

Quality Output Assessment

Experts perform audit and quality control to validate and ratify the outputs of Generative AI systems.

Shaip offers Generative AI services tailored to advance your business solutions:

Data Collection for Fine-Tuning LLMs

We gather and curate data to refine language models for precision and accuracy.

Domain-Specific Text Creation

Our service creates specialized text for sectors like legal and medical to train your domain-focused AI.

Toxicity Assessment

Our approach uses flexible scales to measure and reduce toxic content in AI-generated communications accurately.

Model Validation & Tuning Services

We assess gen AI results for quality across markets and languages to fine-tune AI to align with market-specific needs through RLHF.

Prompt Creation/Fine-Tuning

We craft and optimize natural language prompts to mirror diverse user interactions with your AI.

Answer Quality Comparison

Our extensive network enables a thorough comparison of AI answers to enhance model accuracy and dependability.

Likert Scale Appropriateness

Our tailored feedback ensures that AI responses have the appropriate tone & brevity for specific user scenarios.

Correctness Evaluation

We rigorously evaluate AI-generated content to ensure it is factual and realistic to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Generative AI Use Cases

Shaip offers a clear advantage in the world of Generative AI

Powering AI with Precision Data

Leveraging decades of data experience, we empower Generative AI to its fullest. Our leadership in data solutions enables us to merge varied datasets for robust, secure applications. With our skills, AI gets accurate data while maintaining strict security and privacy. We're the perfect partner for businesses looking to leverage Generative AI.

Assets, Programs, & Investments

We are dedicated to the potential of Generative AI to enhance efficiency, improve results, & add value for our clients. Our investment in intellectual property, staff training, and Generative AI tools aims to increase productivity, modernize applications, and accelerate software development.

Extensive Industry Expertise

We collaborate with top healthcare and technology brands, using our deep knowledge to develop Generative AI applications, such as uncovering data insights, creating buyer profiles, testing models, and introducing digital agents for staff and customers.

Technology Development Expertise

Technology is at our core, and with Generative AI, we take our leading software engineering to new heights. We partner with diverse industries to tap into this cutting-edge tech, accelerating software creation, enhancing services for users and workers, and streamlining operations.

Build Excellence in your Generative AI with quality datasets from Shaip

Generative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence focused on creating new content, often resembling or imitating given data.

Generative AI operates through algorithms like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), where two neural networks (a generator and a discriminator) compete and collaborate to produce synthetic data resembling the original.

Examples include creating art, music, and realistic images, generating human-like text, designing 3D objects, and simulating voice or video content.

Generative AI models can utilize various data types, including images, text, audio, video, and numerical data.

Training data provides the foundation for generative AI. The model learns the patterns, structures, and nuances from this data to produce new, similar content.

Ensuring accuracy involves using diverse and high-quality training data, refining model architectures, continuous validation against real-world data, and leveraging expert feedback.

The quality is influenced by the volume and diversity of training data, the complexity of the model, computational resources, and the fine-tuning of model parameters.