AI Data Services

An end-to-end AI training data platform

Ai Data Services

Data Collection

Audio, video, images or text – when we collect data we know what we’re collecting and what’s needed to drive your AI project in one direction: forward. And that’s the direction Shaip will take you.

Data Collection Capabilities:

  • Create, curate, and collect the datasets from 60+ nations across the globe
  • Source data across all formats: audio, image, text, video
  • Collected 20M+ files (in audio, text, image formats) in just the last 6 months
Data Collection

Data Transcription

The state-of-the-art, user friendly platform built on Amazon AWS, helps transcribers drastically improve productivity with Intelligent Workflow and enhanced feature set without sacrificing quality. We offer fast & accurate audio and video transcription services with our professional and certified transcribers from various domains such as healthcare, education, legal, financial, general conversation, and many more

Data Transcription Capabilities:

  • Provide transcription in 150+ languages
  • 10,000+ experienced and credentialed linguists to transcribe the audio files. Most transcribers have 5+ years of experience in the transcription industry
  • Support verbatim and cleaned-up transcription.
  • Support complex guidelines: Custom segmentation/timestamping, background noise tagging, speaker diarization, filler words insertion, speaker overlapping scenario
  • Linguists must achieve a score of 95%+ in the initial screening test to be a contributor for a transcription project
  • Collaborate directly with linguists for quality control and delivery of 95%+ accurate data
Data Transcription

Data Labeling & Annotation

The task of labeling data and annotation must meet two essential parameters: quality and accuracy. After all, this is the data that both validate and train the AI and ML models your team is developing. Now AI and ML can not only think faster, but smarter. It’s the required data to the power that thinking as well as validate your model outcomes.

Data Annotation Capabilities:

  • Well-annotated and gold standard data from credentialed annotators
  • Domain experts across industry verticals for annotation
  • Licensed healthcare professionals to execute medical annotation tasks
  • Experts to help formulate the project guidelines
  • Annotation: Image segmentation, object detection, classification, bounding box, audio, NER, sentiment analysis
Data Label &Amp; Annotation

Data De-Identification

The process of data de-identification, data masking, and data anonymization ensure the removal of all PHI/PII such as names and social security numbers that may directly or indirectly connect an individual to their data. Moreover, Shaip also provides proprietary APIs that can anonymize sensitive data in text and image content with extremely high accuracy. Our APIs then leverage the de-identification process to transform, mask, delete, or otherwise obscure the data.

Data De-identification Capabilities:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) De-identification
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) De-identification
Data De-Identification

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