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100% human-generated transcription service to convert Audio and Video files, Interviews, Seminars, Lectures, etc into easily readable text to consistently exceed clients’ expectations

Audio and video transcription

Audio and Video Transcription Capabilities

Transcription in 150+ languages
5+ years transcribers experience
95%+ data
10,000+ credentialed transcribers
& Security

100% Human Generated Global Transcription Services

The fastest and affordable video and audio transcription services for over 150+ languages, lets you scale fast in the global market.

We believe video & audio transcription is the work best left to the professionals. Compliant, discreet, and professional, is how we would define our audio and video transcription services. When there are multiple speakers, technical jargon, various accents, and different languages involved, transcribing voice to text can be quite complicated. We leverage our AI-based transcription platform that supports audio and video transcriptions in over 150 languages, that can be instantly sent to our pre-qualified 10,000+ linguists.

The state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform built on Amazon AWS, helps transcribers drastically improve productivity with Intelligent Workflow and enhanced feature set without sacrificing quality. We offer fast & accurate audio transcription/video transcription services with our professional and certified transcribers.

Shaip data platform
Audio & text transcription

Audio Transcription Services

Get the best and most reliable Audio Transcription services (Transcribe audio to text) to preserve the essence and meaning of a speech or conversation. We Support complex guidelines i.e.: Custom segmentation, background noise tagging, speaker diarization, filler words insertion, etc.

Image-video transcription

Video Transcription Services

The volume and the scope of online videos are incredible and awe-inspiring. Transcripts of your video (Transcribe Youtube videos to text) can be easily produced so that search engines and users can find you easily over the web on a single click.

Our Services

Physician Audio / Video Transcription

Video Captioning

Language Translation

Image Transcription

Research and Academics Transcription

Legal and Law Enforcement Transcription

Insurance Transcription

Business meeting/conference transcription

Interview transcription

Podcast Transcription

Phone Call Transcriptions

Webinar transcription

Languages Supported

Our 360 degree package for you


Quality Data Creation


Guaranteed TAT & 99%+ Quality


Professional Native Transcriptionist


Intuitive Detailed Dashboards


Flexible Delivery Format


Fully Dedicated Project Manager


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Compliance and Security

Why choose Shaip over other Transcription Services Companies

Data Privacy

Data privacy of your audio/video content is of utmost importance. Access to your files is restricted strictly on a need-to-know basis. Your files are treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and information security under ISO 27001/9001.

Human Accuracy

All our transcription projects are handled by professional & certified human transcribers from various domains such as healthcare, education, legal, financial, general conversation, and more delivering transcripts with 95% accuracy.

Highly Scalable

Whether you speak in multiple languages or use different dialects, we guarantee consistency and accuracy for any project scale. We can scale as you grow to accommodate your increased workload.

Reliable & Self-Service

Compliant, discreet, and professional, is how we would define our audio to text and video to text transcription services.

Fast Turn-Around Time

ISO-certified quality management processes help in providing fast & accurate transcripts of physician dictation, meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, and much more.

File Formats

We accept

All popular audio/video file formats:
mp3, .mp4, .wav, .wma, etc.
Also, audio/video player platform URL:
YouTube URL, etc.

We deliver

MS Word (.doc,.docx)
MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
PDF (.pdf)
json &.txt

Use Cases

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