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Case Study
Conversational Ai

Training data to build multi-lingual Conversational AI

High-quality audio data sourced, created, curated, and transcribed to train conversational AI in 40 languages.

Utterance Data Collection

Utterance data collection to build multi-lingual digital assistant

Delivered 7M+ Utterances with over 22k hours of audio data to build Multi-lingual digital assistants in 13 languages.

Content Moderation - Resources Image

30K+ docs web scrapped & annotated for Content Moderation

To build automated content moderation ML Model bifurcated into Toxic, Mature, or Sexually Explicit categories

Resources-Iitm Case Study

Collect, Segment & Transcribe audio data in 8 Indian Languages

Over 3k hours of Audio Data Collected, Segmented & Transcribed to build Multi-lingual Speech Tech in 8 Indian languages.

Key Phrase Collection

Key Phrase Collection for in-car voice-activated systems

200k+ key phrases/brand prompts collected in 12 global languages from 2800 speakers in stipulated time.

Named Entity Recognition (Ner)

Named Entity Recognition (NER) for Clinical NLP

Well-Annotated and Gold Standard clinical text data to train/develop clinical NLP to build next version of Healthcare API.

Ambient Technology

Enabling Ambient Technology Development through Synthetic Healthcare Conversations

Synthetic Healthcare Conversations for ASR

Clinical Insurance Annotation

Enhancing Prior Authorization Workflows through Guideline Adherence Annotations

Streamlining Clinical Workflows with Precision and Compliance.

Oncology Research-Resources

Licensing, De-identification, & Annotation for NLP Model Innovation

Improvement of Oncology Research Utilizing NLP and Data De-identification.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Over 8k Audio hours Automatic
Speech Recognition

To assist the client with their Speech Technology speech roadmap for Indian languages.

Image Collection And Annotation

Image Collection & Annotation to enhance Image Recognition

High-quality image data sourced and annotated to train image recognition models for new smartphone series.

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