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Case Study
Conversational Ai

Training data to build multi-lingual Conversational AI

High-quality audio data sourced, created, curated, and transcribed to train conversational AI in 40 languages.

Utterance Data Collection

Utterance data collection to build multi-lingual digital assistant

Delivered 7M+ Utterances with over 22k hours of audio data to build Multi-lingual digital assistants in 13 languages.

Content Moderation - Resources Image

30K+ docs web scrapped & annotated for Content Moderation

To build automated content moderation ML Model bifurcated into Toxic, Mature, or Sexually Explicit categories

Resources-Iitm Case Study

Collect, Segment & Transcribe audio data in 8 Indian Languages

Over 3k hours of Audio Data Collected, Segmented & Transcribed to build Multi-lingual Speech Tech in 8 Indian languages.

Key Phrase Collection

Key Phrase Collection for in-car voice-activated systems

200k+ key phrases/brand prompts collected in 12 global languages from 2800 speakers in stipulated time.

Named Entity Recognition (Ner)

Named Entity Recognition (NER) for Clinical NLP

Well-Annotated and Gold Standard clinical text data to train/develop clinical NLP to build next version of Healthcare API.

Image Collection And Annotation

Image Collection & Annotation to enhance Image Recognition

High-quality image data sourced and annotated to train image recognition models for new smartphone series.

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