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A global leader in Artificial Intelligence training data

About us

Our Story

Chetan Parikh and Vatsal Ghiya became roommates and best friends as engineering students at the University of Massachusetts. In 2004, after both working with Fortune 100 companies, they pursued their ambition and passion to help improve healthcare in the U.S by launching medical transcription company in 2004 and revenue cycle management platform and APIs in 2010.

In 2018 during a client interaction with a fortune 10 company, the idea of Shaip was conceptualized. This marked the start of a tremendous journey that has brought together a team of top software engineers, transcriptionists, data scientists, researchers, and designers who set out to build the world’s best medical AI platform. The goal was to organize medical data to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Today, Shaip is a global leader and innovator in the structured AI data solutions category. Our strength is in the ability to bridge the gap between industries with AI initiatives and the massive amounts of high quality data they require. The ultimate benefit Shaip provides is the vast amounts of structured data to train AI models with superior accuracy to achieve the highest possible outcomes. And it’s all done right the first time while adhering to the most demanding projects specifications.

Journey So Far

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO – Shaip, shares the inspiring story of the company’s inception and its journey since 2004. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for tech &  innovation, he identified the possibilities of data and AI in various industries.


The focus was on developing products that customers love that inspire and provide real value. After 14 years, 100s of customers, and millions of data processed, the same passion drives Chetan, Vatsal, and a family of 600+ team members.


Shaip is focused on delivering end-to-end AI solutions that generate value, insights, and intelligence at scale for our clients. It’s all made possible through a unique combination of our human in the loop platform, proven processes and skilled people. With all this in place we can create, license or transform unstructured data into highly accurate and customized training data for companies with the most challenging AI initiatives.


Shaip enhances human life by solving the problems of the future using our two-sided AI data marketplace & platform.


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We have the people, processes and a human-in-the-loop platform to meet these challenging AI projects and we do it all within your timeframe and budget. This allows your organization and subject matter experts to focus on your core strengths and get to market faster; whether that’s local, regional or world-wide.

This is the Shaip difference, where better AI data means better results for you.

Employee Value Preposition

5 Days Working + Flexible Working Hours

We offer flexible working conditions that help our employees around the globe balance work and private life.

Fun @ Work

We value your individuality and constantly help you evolve - both personally and professionally. We organize several events and activities to engage our employees and their families.

Continuous Learning & Development

We nurture our employees’ professional development (Technical & Soft skills) – because lifelong learning guarantees innovative ideas.

Workplace Diversity

We’re passionate about bringing together people who are not only talented but who embrace different perspectives and backgrounds & thereby benefit from the diverse strengths that each of us brings.

Equality & Inclusive Culture

Our people are at the heart of our company and the key to our future success, which is quite evident through our low attrition rates. Our company strives to offer real and effective equal opportunities for all groups.

Referral Bonus

We give priority to referral recommendations from in-house employees and offer attractive referral bonuses. We believe that our employees are our brand advocates who can attract the right talent for the right position.

Our Values

Our values – Trust, Passion to Win, Freedom to Act & For One Another – is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Talent Management

We identify talented people, give them space to grow, and foster their development.

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