Conversational AI Solution

Now AI not only
listens, it talks back.

Collect, Annotate, and Transcribe hours of audio data in multiple languages to train virtual / digital assistants.

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There’s an increasing demand for AI-powered customer support services. And the demand for quality data has also increased.

The lack of accuracy in chatbots and virtual assistants is a major challenge that affects user experience in the conversational AI market. The solution? Data. Not just any data. But highly accurate and quality data that Shaip delivers to drive success for AI projects.


According to a study, by 2026, chatbots could help the U.S.
healthcare economy save approximately $150 billion


32% of consumers require
assistance in selecting an
insurance policy since the
online purchasing process can
be very difficult and confusing.

The global conversational AI market is expected to grow from USD 4.8 billion in 2020 to USD 13.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.9% during the forecast period

Deep expertise in Conversational AI

Conversational Artificial Intelligence or Chatbots or Virtual Assistants are only as smart as the technology and data behind them. The lack of accuracy in chatbots / virtual assistants is a major challenge today. The solution? Data. Not just any data. But highly accurate and quality data that Shaip delivers to drive success for your AI projects.

At Shaip, we offer you a broad set of diversified audio dataset for Natural Language Processing (NLP) that mimic conversations with real people to bring your Artificial Intelligence (AI) to life. With our deep understanding of the Multilingual Conversational AI platform, we help you build AI-enabled speech models, with utmost precision with structured datasets in multiple languages from across the globe. We offer multi-lingual audio collection, audio transcription, and audio annotation services based on your requirement, while fully customizing desired intent, utterances, and demographic distribution


Scripted Speech Collection


Spontaneous Speech collection

Data Transcription

Audio Data Transcription

Data Labeling

Data Labeling & Annotation

A World Leader in Multilingual Conversational AI Solutions

Hours of audio data in 100+ languages – Sourced, Transcribed & Annotated

Audio And Speech Data Licensing

Speech Data Licensing​

20k+ hours of Speech Data in 40+ languages and dialects. Covering a range of 55+ topics from different domains i.e., Call-center, Debates, General conversations, Speeches, podcasts, etc.

Audio And Speech Data Collection

Speech Data Collection

Collect audio & speech data (monologue, 2-person conversation, human-bot chat) in over 100 languages from across the world, customized to your requirement.

Audio And Speech Data Transcription

Speech Data Transcription

Cost effective audio transcription or audio annotation through a strong workforce of 7000 collaborators with guaranteed TAT, accuracy, and savings

Language Datasets: Collected, Transcribed & Annotated

Real World Solution

Data that powers global conversations

Shaip provided digital assistant training in 40+ languages for a major cloud-based voice service provider used with voice assistants. They required a natural voice experience so users in countries around the world would have intuitive, natural interactions with this technology.


Conversational Ai


Acquire 20,000+ hours of unbiased data across 40 languages



3,000+ linguists delivered quality audio/ transcripts within 30 weeks


Highly trained Digital assistant models able to understand multiple languages


Accelerate your Multilingual Conversational AI app development with Audio Collection & Audio Annotation Services

Conversational AI / Chatbot Training Data Use Cases

Conversational-Ai Use Case

 The Shaip Advantage

We offer AI training speech data in multiple native languages. We have over a decade of experience in sourcing, transcribing, and annotating customized, high-quality datasets for Fortune 500 companies.



We can source, scale, and deliver audio data from across the world in multiple languages and dialects based on your requirements.



We have the right expertise concerning accurate and unbiased data collection, transcription, and gold-standard annotation.

Audio And Speech Data Collection


A network of 7000+ qualified contributors, who can be quickly assigned data collection tasks to build AI training model & scale-up services.



We have a fully AI-based platform with proprietary tools & processes to leverage the workflow management 24*7 round the clock.



We adapt to changes in customer requirements quickly & help in accelerating AI development with quality speech data 5-10x faster than competition.

Data Security


We give utmost importance to data security and privacy and are also certified to handle highly regulated sensitive data.

Download Conversational AI / Chatbot Datasets

Human-Bot Conversations

1 hour of audio conversation & transcribed json files

Conversational AI Dataset

1 hour of audio conversation & transcribed JSON files.

Success Stories

We have worked with the world’s leading brands to build their advanced conversational AI to enhance customer service


Chatbot Training Dataset

Generated Chatbot Dataset consisting of 10,000+ hours of audio conversation & transcription in multiple languages to build 24*7 live chatbot

Digital Assistant Training

3,000+ linguists provided 1,000+ hours of audio / transcripts in 27 native languages

Utterance Data Collection

20,000+ hours of utterances collected from across the globe in 27+ languages

Insurance Chatbot Training

Created 1000’s of conversations with an average of 6 turns per conversation

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Improved accuracy of automatic speech recognition using labeled audio data, transcription, pronunciation, lexicons from a diverse set of speakers.

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Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) refers to technology that can be spoken to, such as chatbots or voice assistants. Examples of these are Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Home.

Conversational AI understands, reacts, and learns from every encounter using a variety of technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML).

The obstacles to the evolution of Conversational AI revolve around 1) Detecting human emotions 2) Learning new languages and dialects 3) Identifying the right voice in a crowded environment 4) Security and Privacy to hide sensitive personal info.

  • Dedicated & loyal bot 24 * 7.
  • A multilingual chatbot can serve a large audience from various parts of the world
  • Chatbots are able to store every interaction, for future personalization

The customer experience can be improved by setting a digital/virtual assistant that automatically handles basic inbound queries. Physical agents can focus on more challenging tasks.

  • Office Automation: Take dictation, transcribe meetings, email notes, etc.
  • Customer Support: Automate customer calls
  • Sales & Marketing: Real-time product info & dashboards
  • Hospitality: Automated check-ins or for other information and services.
  • Retail: In-store shopping support to locate items with price details & availability.
  • Mobile Apps: Voice integration to reduce clicks & improve user experience.