Conversational AI

The State of Conversational AI 2022

The State of
Conversational AI 2022

What is
Conversational AI?

A programmatic and intelligent way of
offering a conversational experience to
mimic conversations with real people, through
digital and telecommunication technologies.

Source: Deloitte: Digital Age Conversational AI

Evolution of Human Machine

Types of Conversational Bots

 Informational Bots help resolve context-specific customer or employee queries via voice, text, or visuals inputs.

Enterprise Productivity Bots help schedule meetings, report on performance metrics, or monitor inventory.

Transactional Bots transform your voice into a tool to place order, make payments, or send funds to friends.

Device Control Bots control virtual assistants and smart home devices like speakers, switches, and lights, and more.

Source: Accenture Experience Orchestration as a Service Survey

Conversational AI Market by Region

The Conversational AI market size is expected to grow
from AUD 6 billion in 2019 to AUD 22.6 billion by 2024,
at a CAGR of 30.2%, during 2019-2024.

Areas where Conversational Bots are implemented?

Key Use Cases

Office Automation

Personal assistants taking dictation, transcribing meetings, emailing notes, booking meeting rooms, etc.

Customer Support

Automate customer calls and enable outgoing call to customers.

Sales & Marketing

Provide real-time product information & dashboard support to on-field sales & marketing teams.


Concierge services at hotels to enable check-in or for other information and services.


In-store shopping support to help customers locate items and provide product details such as price and availability.

Mobile Apps

Reduce clicks and page visits in your mobile app and improve user experience with “Voice + Visuals” integration.

Why are Conversational Bots Failing to Deliver?

A Lack Of Voice- Centric Training Data

A lack of voice-centric training data

Poor Conversational Understanding

Poor conversational understanding

Data Privacy And Security

Data privacy and security

Lack Of Skilled Resource

Lack of skilled resource

Deployment Cost

Deployment cost

Technical Capability &Amp; Infrastructure

Technical capability & infrastructure

How Shaip Helps

A World Leader in Conversational AI Training Data

25000+ Hours of audio data in 50+ language – Sourced, Transcribed & Annotated

Speech Data Sourcing

Speech Data Sourcing

Collect text, image, audio and video data from across the world customized to meet your requirements.

Data Transcription

Data Transcription

Cost-effective transcription solutions with guaranteed TAT, accuracy and savings.

Data Annotation

Data Annotation

NER, diarization, object detection, segmentation, time stamping, tag insertion, sentiment/ annotation.

Your Challanges Resolved

Shaip sources training data in multiple languages and dialects while also handling accents, sarcasm, emojis and slang, that influences the communication between human & machines. We know that Better AI Data equals Better Results.

Languages, Dialects, Accents

Languages, dialects, accents

Outdoor Or Noisy Setting, Multiple Speakers

Outdoor or noisy setting, multiple speakers

Tone, Sarcasm

Tone, sarcasm

Unscripted Questions, Unplanned Responses, Gibberish

Unscripted questions, unplanned responses

Slang, Jargon

Slang, jargon

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