AI-Powered Search Relevance Solution

Improving Online Shopping by Making Search Results More Accurate with Search Query Annotation

Ai-powered search relevance solution

What is eCommerce Search Relevance?

A seamless search experience is a necessity today when your shoppers expect to find exactly what they are looking for in minimal steps. To ensure this, eCommerce organizations must implement search relevance, which improves the ability of your search engine to understand the true intent behind customer queries. 

Did you know that nearly 7 out of 10 shoppers won’t come back to a website if they have a bad search experience there?

eCommerce search query optimization also includes understanding user intent and focusing on multi-modal search queries relevant to the product and brand. eCommerce marketing experts also consider semantic search and learn from past user behavior to build optimization campaigns.

At Shaip, we improve your eCommerce through data labeling techniques, annotating text and images with a rich array of attributes, leading to superior search accuracy and increased sales.

Ecommerce search relevance

eCommerce Solutions We Provide

Customers today don’t just use keywords to search for products; they express their needs and aspirations through nuanced communication. Shaip utilizes natural language processing to interpret these subtle hints and cues with assistive cutting-edge technologies to unlock the true potential of your search engine

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing

Our experts go beyond simple keyword matching, empowering your search engine to understand the user and search intent behind every query. As a leading NLP expert organization, we specialize in advanced data-annotation services customized to improve your eCommerce search queries. We provide the highest level of data labeling solutions, ensuring precision results with text and audio annotation.

We can build a system where, upon searching for “Summer dress for the beach,” your customers will get smart results, including products for summer dresses, sandals, and sunglasses. Without NLP integration, the visitors will receive results containing the word “Summer.”

Data Annotation

Ecommerce data annotation

Search relevance is highly dependent on your understanding of the customers. At Shaip, we help you know your customers through meticulous data labeling to improve your search optimization solutions.

Harnessing the power of effective data labeling, we optimize the search engine to furnish the most relevant products to your customer’s queries, reducing frustration and browsing time and leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Use Cases of Data Annotation in E-commerce

Accurate data annotation is crucial for delivering memorable customer experiences. Detailed data annotation provides the required information they need to make the right decision. Shaip’s data annotation services pave the way for a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to find relevant products ensuring increased conversions and reduced return rates.

Product categorization and tagging

Product Categorization and Tagging

Addressing inaccurate and inconsistent product descriptions, we help you build a robust product or service taxonomy. Shaip’s trained annotators categorize every product using different parameters, ensuring accurate product placement and descriptions. We also create customer-centric customized product taxonomies to create a friendly shopping experience.

Improving Search Algorithms

Going beyond the basic understanding of customer queries, we leverage human-in-the-loop annotation to train and improve your eCommerce data engine. The Shaip team analyzes real customer search queries to learn their behavior and refine the search engine’s understanding.

Improving search algorithms


Where generic product descriptions may miss the mark, our data annotation services go beyond the generic product attributes, empowering your recommendation engine to show products that customers desire and are more likely to buy. We help you create a personalized shopping journey, increasing customer trust and brand loyalty.

Image and Video Search

Shoppers today increasingly rely on visual cues to know more about the product they wish to buy. Shaip’s data annotation solutions go beyond basic product image labeling. We tag every image with the requisite color, material, style, and product set to give a clear idea about the product, easing their decision-making.

Image and video search

Voice Search Optimization

To give your customers a seamless voice shopping experience, our data annotation techniques empower your eCommerce engines’s voice search capabilities. We annotate the products with the requisite synonyms and mispronunciations and include a natural conversation style, enabling your platform to understand the language nuances of voice searches.

Benefits of AI-Powered Search

AI-powered search interprets the customer’s intent to know them better and deliver accurate results. Through AI, we help eCommerce businesses improve accuracy and search relevance through language processing models and deep learning techniques.

Better shopping experience

Better Shopping Experience

AI-powered search authenticated by our data annotation services provides a smooth and efficient shopping experience for the customers as they can easily find what they desire through natural language queries. We create a frictionless and smooth shopping experience through intuitive navigation and reduced search time.

Increased Conversions

Shaip data annotation improves the recommendation search engine’s understanding of the user intent. As a result, the most relevant products or services pop at the top spots, increasing the number of browsing and buying transactions. We help you optimize the search results’ ROI through high-impact marketing strategies built on authentic data.

Increased conversions
Enhanced navigation

Enhanced Navigation

Move above the confused website navigation, which leaves customers frustrated to leverage the power of AI and create a user-friendly website with a smart architecture. Analyze customer behavior product attributes and design clear and logical navigation, streamlining the customer’s interaction with your eCommerce website.

Better Understanding Of Customer Needs

Shaip annotation services help you analyze customer search queries, their browsing behavior, and purchase history to better understand them while uncovering valuable insights. Use this information to identify popular search terms and browsing patterns for specific products to build a customer-centric approach and tailor product offerings.

Better understanding of customer needs

Increased Customer Retention

Personalizing a customer’s shopping experience means you can provide relevant product recommendations, which helps build trust and encourages repeat purchases. Use customer insights to personalize shopping experiences, increasing customer lifetime value and turning customers into business advocates.

Reasons to choose Shaip as your Trustworthy AI Data Collection Partner



Dedicated and trained teams:

  • 30,000+ collaborators for Data Creation, Labeling & QA
  • Credentialed Project Management Team
  • Experienced Product Development Team
  • Talent Pool Sourcing & Onboarding Team


Highest process efficiency is assured with:

  • Robust 6 Sigma Stage-Gate Process
  • A dedicated team of 6 Sigma black belts – Key process owners & Quality compliance
  • Continuous Improvement & Feedback Loop


The patented platform offers benefits:

  • Web-based end-to-end platform
  • Impeccable Quality
  • Faster TAT
  • Seamless Delivery

Why Shaip?

Managed workforce for complete control, reliability & productivity

A powerful platform that supports different types of annotations

Minimum 95% accuracy ensured for superior quality

Global projects across 60+ countries

Enterprise-grade SLAs

Best-in-class real-life driving data sets

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