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Biometric datasets

Our Biometric AI Solutions

Biometric technologies are transforming the landscape of security, finance, healthcare, and customer experience. Shaip stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering comprehensive data collection and annotation services that enable AI systems to authenticate and understand users with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Our expert team ensures high-quality datasets and precise labeling, empowering organizations to develop accurate, secure, and efficient identification systems while prioritizing privacy and consent.

Biometric Data Collection

Biometric data collection

Shaip's data collection services provide diverse biometric datasets, including fingerprints, facial features, iris patterns, and voiceprints, to train AI models. With a focus on privacy and consent, we ensure data collection adheres to regulations. Partner with Shaip for reliable biometric AI training data and enhance your identification systems.

Biometric Data Annotation

Biometric data annotation

Shaip's biometric data annotation services empower organizations to develop accurate and secure AI systems. Our expert annotators label facial features, emotions, irises, fingerprints, and voice data to train algorithms for enhanced security, efficiency, and user experiences. With customizable solutions and scalability.

Biometric Data Use Cases for Cutting-Edge Security & Personalization

Security and Access Control with Facial Recognition

Shaip provides diverse, high-quality facial image datasets to train your facial recognition models. Our datasets cover various lighting conditions, poses, expressions, and demographics, ensuring accurate and unbiased recognition.By leveraging our expertise, you can: 1. Implement quick and convenient user authentication, 2. Enhance security beyond traditional passwords, 3. Streamline security checks at airports and other high-traffic areas.

Access control with facial recognition

An international airport seeks to expedite passenger processing through automated facial recognition systems that compare traveler’s faces with their digital details stored in Government records. Shaip supplies tailored facial image datasets, including variations in facial expressions and accessories, to refine the system’s matching accuracy.

Seamless Border Security and Travel with Iris Scan Technology

Iris recognition offers unparalleled security for border control, as each individual’s iris patterns are unique. Shaip’s expert team collects and annotates iris scan images to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your border control systems. Benefits include: 1. Increased border security, 2. Minimized risk of identity fraud

Border control agencies look to deploy iris recognition technology to improve security measures. Shaip annotates a large volume of iris scan images to help create an AI system that rapidly and reliably verifies the identity of individuals crossing borders.

Iris scan technology

Finance and Payments Redefined by Voice Authentication

With the exponential growth of online banking, mobile payments and e-commerce, identity verification has become crucial for securing transactions and preventing fraud. The adoption of digital identity solutions is being pushed by regulatory requirements for anti-money laundering & KYC compliance. Shaip provides voice data collection and annotation services for robust identity verification in financial transactions. Our diverse voice samples, featuring various accents, speaking styles, and background noise, help train your AI models for secure phone and online banking, as well as ATM access.Advantages include – 1. Hands-free, convenient authentication, 2. Difficulty in replicating unique voice patterns

Finance voice authentication

A financial institution aims to introduce voice-authenticated ATM access. Shaip delivers annotated voice datasets to enable the AI to distinguish between authorized users and potential fraudsters, even in the challenging acoustic conditions of outdoor ATM locations.

Advancing Healthcare with Heart Rate Data for Remote Monitoring

The demand for telehealth services and remote patient monitoring is likely to continue growing as healthcare systems seek to improve patient outcomes while managing costs. The ability to monitor patients in real-time can lead to better chronic disease management and post-operative care outside traditional healthcare settings. Wearable devices can track biometric data, such as heart rate variability, to detect potential health issues and alert users or healthcare providers. Shaip creates custom datasets labeled with corresponding health conditions to train accurate AI models for health monitoring and disease prediction.Benefits include: 1. Early detection of potential health issues, 2. Continuous, real-time monitoring

A health tech company develops wearables that monitor heart rate variability to detect early signs of cardiac conditions. Shaip generates labeled datasets correlating heart rate data with health outcomes, thus enhancing the AI’s predictive capabilities for these devices.

Healthcare with heart rate data for remote monitoring

Personalized Retail Experiences through Facial Recognition

Facial recognition in retail stores can help identify returning customers and provide personalized product recommendations. Shaip collects and annotates customer behavior data, including facial images, to train AI models for targeted advertising. Benefits include: 1. Personalized customer experiences, 2. Potential for increased sales and loyalty, 3. Seamless transactions by simply scanning customers’ faces reducing the need for physical payment methods

Retail facial recognition

A retail chain intends to use facial recognition for identifying VIP customers and providing them with personalized service. Shaip provides annotated datasets of facial images linked to purchasing behavior, enabling the AI to offer tailored recommendations to repeat customers.

Reinforcing Building Security with Fingerprint Access Control

This use case spans multiple sectors, including building security, event management, and even smart home technologies. The demand here is driven by the increasing need for secure and convenient access control systems. Fingerprint scanners verify individuals’ identities to control access to buildings, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter. Shaip offers fingerprint image collection services to train accurate identification models. Benefits include: 1. High level of security due to the uniqueness of fingerprints, 2. Quick access for authorized individuals

An office building implements a fingerprint scanning system to manage entry. Shaip assists by offering annotated fingerprint datasets, which help the system to learn and accurately verify the identity of employees, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Building security with fingerprint access control

Enhancing Road Safety with AI-Driven Driver Monitoring

AI systems monitor driver fatigue by analyzing facial expressions, eye movements, and steering patterns, alerting drivers in real-time to prevent accidents. Shaip provides data collection and annotation services on driver behavior to train accurate fatigue detection models. Benefits include: 1. Increased road safety by preventing fatigue-related accidents, 2. Real-time alerts for drivers

Ai-driven driver monitoring

An automotive company incorporates an AI system that detects driver fatigue through facial expressions and eye movements. Shaip helps by supplying annotated data on driver behavior, assisting the AI to alert drivers proactively and prevent potential accidents.

Security & Surveillance

This sector leverages advanced technology, including facial recognition and AI-driven systems, to enhance security measures, identify potential suspects, locate missing persons, and monitor public spaces for crime prevention. Surveillance systems equipped with AI technology, such as facial recognition and behavior analysis, are used to monitor public spaces and deter criminal activities. These systems analyze real-time video feeds to identify suspicious behavior, track individuals of interest, and provide early warnings to law enforcement. The benefits of using AI-driven surveillance systems include: 1. Continuously monitoring public space 2. Enhanced Investigation

Monitoring public spaces to deter criminal activities in neighborhood and alerting the cops so that the crimes can be prevented.

Security & surveillance

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