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Retail Data Annotation and Collection Services

Reliable data annotation services for the retail industry. Our teams label images, videos, and text to enhance in-store product searches, customer behavior analysis, and more.

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There has been a paradigm shift in the way customers shop today. Customers today are smart and make informed choices about their preferred products & services. How competitive is your business?

Consumer dynamics have transformed drastically over the last few years. People want personalized shopping experiences. The only way you could deliver this to your customers is through powerful recommendation engines. Train your AI systems to offer personalized services and experiences and you would make them come back to your business for more. For this, you need high-quality training data for Retail solutions from veterans like us.


Amazon’s personalized recommendation engine has been responsible for single-handedly increasing the revenue by 35%.


Apart from Amazon’s revenue, average order values & conversion rates have also increased by 369% and 288% respectively.

Walmart deployed machine learning models to improve its retail item coverage from around 91% to 98%.

Our Retail Solutions

At Shaip, we excel in delivering bespoke data annotation services for the retail industry, aimed at enhancing machine learning models for applications like advanced product recognition, detailed customer sentiment analysis, and efficient inventory management. Our commitment to quality equips retailers with high-quality, meticulously annotated data, enabling informed decisions and improved operational efficiency. With a team skilled in the latest annotation tools, Shaip offers unparalleled services, tailored to your specific retail needs using our advanced, proprietary methods. Our approach ensures that your AI initiatives receive the highest caliber of support, driving your retail business forward.

Retail Data Collection Services


Your requirements on high-quality, relevant data is fulfilled by us thanks to our extensive network of data generation touchpoints in the retail segment. We can source the right datasets for your business across market segments, demographics and geography at the time you need them.

Retail Data Annotation Services


With the most advanced data annotation tools at our disposal, we ensure all elements in datasets are annotated precisely by experts from the retail domains. This way, you get machine-ready data for your training purposes. From text and images to audio and video, we annotate them all.

Use Cases in the Retail Industry

With our high quality training data, you could let your machine learning modules do wonders. From recommending your customers what they could buy next to optimizing your supply chain management, get more things done autonomously.

Shoppers tracking

Shoppers Tracking

Track shopper movements with Shaip to understand their shopping patterns. Rearrange your store to make it easier for customers to shop more. Fix your store design & make shopping easier. Display your products in a better way and get more sales.

Retail Shelves Analysis

Use Shaip to figure out the best way to arrange your shelves. A good arrangement helps customers buy more and increase your sales. Keep an eye on what you have in stock. Place items where customers can easily see and reach them.

Product Recognition

Identify products quickly with our technology. Keep track of what you have more effectively. Help customers find what they need faster. Deliver a smooth shopping experience for your customers and make them want to return.

Barcode Analysis

Use our barcode analysis for faster checkouts. Speed up sales, cut waiting times, and provide a swift shopping trip. Let your customers enjoy quick payment processes. Enjoy more sales and happier customers with our services.

Smart checkout

Smart Checkout

Start using smart checkout for quicker purchases. Reduce waiting, enhance customer movement, and increase sales. Fast checkouts mean you can serve more customers and get higher profits for your company.

Inventory Management

Adopt our inventory management for current stock levels. Avoid running out of products, restock smartly, & cut costs. Our system keeps you updated on your current stocks. You can prevent shortages, manage fill times well, & improve your supply chain.

Security systems

Security Systems

Set up our security systems to keep your place safe. They help stop theft and keep your business secure. These systems scare off criminals, which keeps your investments safe and gives you less to worry about.

Facial recognition

Facial Recognition

Use our facial recognition to make services more personal. It makes things safer, makes your work easier, and helps you treat customers better. This tech makes your customers' experience better and your place safer at the same time.

Retail Annotation Services

Bounding box

Bounding Box

Our bounding box service teaches AI to recognize & sort items quickly. We outline items in photos to help AI spot & organize products quickly. This makes shopping and inventory checks smoother for you.



Our landmarking approach uses dots to guide AI in identifying intricate details. These dots pinpoint features such as facial expressions & emotions. The AI then learns to assess & understand these elements with precision.

Instance segmentation

Instance Segmentation

Our instance segmentation draws exact outlines around each product. This precision is key for keeping track of inventory easily & helping you find what you need without any mix-ups.

Nlp for sentiment analysis

NLP for Sentiment Analysis

Our NLP sentiment analysis listens to what customers say & understands how they feel. This lets you improve what they offer you. You can create a shopping experience that fits what you want.

Video annotation

Video Annotation

Video annotation improves how you watch over your business & learn about your customers. It helps you create safer stores & better shopping trips. You'll understand and meet your customers' needs more effectively.

Semantic segmentation

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation breaks down images to help your AI system. It arranges products on shelves and directs customer movement better. Your shopping space becomes easier to navigate. Make shopping smoother & your store more efficient.

Retail Datasets

Barcode Scanning Video Dataset

5k videos of barcodes with a duration of 30-40 sec from multiple geographies

Barcode scanning video dataset

  • Use Case: Object Recognition Model
  • Format: Videos
  • Annotation: No

Invoices, PO, Receipts Image Dataset

15.9k images of receipts, invoices, purchase orders in 5 languages i.e. English, French, Spanish, Italian & Dutch

Invoices, purchase orders, payment receipts image dataset

  • Use Case: Doc. Recognition Model
  • Format: Images
  • Annotation: No

German & UK Invoice Image Dataset

Delivered 45k images of German & UK Invoices

German & uk invoice image dataset

  • Use Case: Invoice Recog. Model
  • Format: Images
  • Annotation: No

Fashion Image Dataset

Images of fashion related accessories, apparel, swimwear, shoes

Fashion image dataset with annotation

  • Use Case: Fashion Recognition
  • Format: Images
  • Annotation: Yes

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