Data Catalogs & Licensing

Welcome to the world of AI. It’s making a world of difference.

It’s a fast-paced, global world out there. And no matter where you live, work or play, almost everything is connected by technology that people depend on to do everything from provide medical care, perform business tasks, and manufacture products to travel, shop and simply communicate with others.

One thing is at the center of these technological innovations: AI and the data from Shaip.

AI learns on data. Lots of data. Shaip provides this data in a structured form that serves as the brains for machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and natural language processing (NLP). It’s Shaip data that helps this technology continually learn, evolve & enhance cognitive decision-making capabilities.

Medical Data Catalog

Our medical data catalog datasets are not only massive, but have gold standard quality data. Rest assured that the data you utilize is secure, de-identified and can be trusted for achieving the highest and most accurate outcomes for your AI initiative, machine learning models, natural language processing and other development projects.

What we offer with our medical data catalogs and licensing:

  • 5M+ Records and physician audio files in 31 specialties
  • 2M+ Medical images in radiology & other specialities (MRIs, CTs, USGs, XRs)
  • 30k+ clinical text docs with value added entities and relationship annotation
Medical-Data Catalog

Speech Data Catalog

There are a wide variety of common applications for speech data in AI projects. We have a vast amount of data ready for your specific use case. This is high quality, accurate data that fits your budget, timeframe and can be provided at scale so you get the right amount of data for the right AI and ML outcomes.

What we offer with our speech data catalogs and licensing:

  • 10k+ hours of speech data (26 languages/100+ dialects)
  • 55+ topics covered
  • Sampling rate = 8/16/44/48 kHz
  • Audio type = Spontaneous, scripted speech data, monologue, wake up words
  • Conversational data in multiple languages (human-human conversation, human-bot chat, human-agent conversation in call center)
Speech-Data Catalog

Open Datasets

Through the Shaip library of open datasets, your team has free access to a vast AI data repository. Now you can quickly and accurately develop your AI and ML models toward your specific business outcomes with no associated costs.

Available Open Datasets:

  • Available in a convenient and modifiable form
  • Vast categories of datasets
  • Free for use with your AI and ML projects
  • High quality, gold standard data

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