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Quality data to meet the most demanding AI challenges demand the right people, process and platform technology.

Why Shaip

Everything we do is specifically designed to deliver
the accurate training data you require. And we do it
faster and for a price that fits within your budget.

Operational Excellence

Through our accurate and proven data quality assurance process that is integrated with technology, Shaip consistency deliver best-in-class output that meets and often exceeds client expectations for their AI initiatives.

People, Process & Platform

The combination of a worldwide global workforce, operational processes designed by Six Sigma Blackbelts, a proprietary workflow, and a cloud-based annotation platform, Shaip has every tool required to help launch the most demanding AI initiatives.

End-to-End Solutions

You turned to Shaip for gold-standard training data, but you will soon discover we offer so much more. Our team of AI experts located world-wide can help successfully launch and guide your AI strategy. Add to this how we can assist you with handling the most complex architecture & development requirements of your ML models.

At Shaip, we’re here for you today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Training Data

At Shaip, we offer a complete range of training data services to meet your specific machine learning and AI objectives, budgets, and time frames.

Text annotation


The true value of Shaip cognitive data annotation and labeling services is that it gives organizations the key to unlock critical information found deep within unstructured data.

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When clients speak about our speech annotation, what you hear are success stories. From day one, Shaip has been a leader in developing, training & improving conversational AI & chatbots.

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From smart cars and smart cities to improved smartphone cameras and security surveillance, image annotation is a specialty that Shaip excels for clients around the world.

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Shaip can annotate video for machine learning applications used in robotics for improved manufacturing, autonomous driving cars, and even enhancing a consumer’s buying experience.

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AI Data Services

If you require data collection from a variety of sources, with labeling and annotation of that data completed quickly and on budget, Shaip not gets it done right and right on time, it’s data that improves machine learning. 


Data Collection

Audio, video, images or text – when we collect data we know what we’re collecting and what’s needed to drive your AI project in one direction: forward. And that’s the direction Shaip will take you.

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data transcription

Data Transcription

The state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform built on  AWS, helps transcribers drastically improve productivity, without sacrificing high quality. We also offer fast & accurate transcription services.

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Data Label & Annotation

The task of labeling data & annotation must meet two essential parameters: quality & accuracy. After all, it is the data that both validates & trains the AI & ML models. 

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Data De-Identification

The process of data de-identification, masking, that ensures removal of all PHI/PII such as names and SSN that may directly or indirectly connect an individual to their data.

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Data Catalogs & Licensing


We have vast amounts of structured big data in a variety of categories ready to be put toward your project success. From healthcare and technology to so much more, find what you’re looking for to train your models.

Data Catalogs:

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