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Conversational AI Services | Empower Your Digital Voice Assistants - Shaip
Build & localize AI-enabled speech models with rich structured datasets in multiple languages from across the globe. ...

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Autonomous Driving
Train machine learning algorithms for self-driving automobiles using the image and video segmentation. Categorize per...
Facial Recognition
Automatically detect one or more human faces based on facial landmarks in an image or video. Search an existing datab...
Chatbot Training / Virtual - Digital Assistant Training
Data to train virtual/digital Assistant and chatbots to respond to human speech in a variety of languages, environmen...
Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Train machine learning algorithms to identify & classify the named entities presented in a text document by labeling ...
Sentiment Analysis
Language specialists and domain experts interpret nuances in product reviews, financial news, and social media to tra...
Intent & Conversation Analysis
Better understand user intent to enhance customer experiences and accurately drive the development of next-gen chatbo...
Geospatial Algorithms
Annotation of satellite images & UAV photography, prepare datasets for geoprocessing and annotate 3D point cloud for ...
Audio & Text Transcription
From doctors’ handwriting to conference calls or videos, our transcription specialists digitally transform medical da...
Medical Data Licensing
Rapidly develop clinical AI by licensing over 5+ million patient records and 250k+ hours of highly curated, de-identi...
Transcribe Medical Records
Save time and money by efficiently, accurately, and securely transcribing key data from medical records.
Image Segmentation
Segmentation of objects in images into the relevant categories.
Image/Video Transcription
Quickly and accurately identify and extract text within an image or transcribe online videos.
Data De-Identification
De-identify critical data (i.e. personally identifiable information (PII) & protected health Information (PHI)) by ou...
Clinical Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Train machine learning algorithms to develop AI models in healthcare by annotating text into entity types, modifiers,...
Image Classification
Train machine learning algorithms to classify images or objects present in images and video.
Customer Review Monitoring
Sentiment analysis (happiness, frustration, anger, sadness) of customer feedback to develop a customer review monitor...
Radiology Image Diagnosis
Segmentation and classification of selective regions within radiology images to improve image diagnosis and anomaly d...
Document / Content Classification
Classify documents based on their content (i.e. technology, sports, movies, etc.)
Fraud Detection
Develop and deliver NLP capable of identifying malicious patterns of fraud by searching the evidence present in ident...
Analyze Financial Reports
Aggregate and analyze financial information from various sources.
Radiology Report Classification
Development of clinical NLP by mapping critical diseases into various categories will well-annotated ground-truth data.
Finance Document Annotation
Annotate insurance entities from documents with high accuracy using certified domain experts
Facial Data Collection
Curate image datasets with variations of gender, inside vs outside, lighting conditions, angle of capture, age group,...
Geospatial Data & Imagery Analytics
Improve pricing, property valuation and catastrophe assessment through aerial, drone, and satellite imagery.
Medical Records Data Labeling
Label and annotate medical records in multiple forms (including EHR).
Risk Mitigation
Development of clinical NLP by mapping critical diseases into various categories will well-annotated ground-truth data.
Damage Assessments
Expedite auto and property claims assessments with a high volume image repository.