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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzzword. It’s as mainstream as it gets. From Dating apps to Automotive AI, every tech element has a speck of artificial intelligence in it, & automotive insurance is no different

AI in automotive insurance holds significant potential to quickly estimate vehicle damages. Soon with the advancement in AI algorithms, assessment done manually would be a thing of the past. Traditionally the damage assessment was carried out by multiple parties which were time-consuming, highly prone to human error, leading to inaccurate cost estimations


The global automotive collision repair market size was USD 185.98 billion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 2.1% from 2021 to 2028.


The U.S. automotive collision repair market size was valued at USD 33.75 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.5% from 2019 to 2025

According to Verisk – a data analytics co., USA auto insurers lose $29 bn annually due to errors and omitted information in vehicle damage detection and assessment

How AI helps in Car Damage Detection 

Machine Learning has seen widespread adoption when it comes to automating repetitive manual processes. With next-gen technology, algorithms, and frameworks, AI can understand the process of identifying and recognizing damaged parts, assessing the extent of damage, predicting the kind of repair needed, and estimating the total cost. This can be achieved with the help of Image/Video Annotation for Computer vision to train ML models. The ML models can extract, analyze, and offer insights that result in a quick inspection process that takes into consideration the road, weather, lighting, speed, damage type, accident severity, and traffic with greater accuracy.

Steps to build a robust AI Training Data

To train your Machine Learning Models for Vehicle Damage Detection and Assessment, it all starts with sourcing high-quality Training Data, followed up by Data Annotation and Data Segmentation.

Data Collection

Training ML models require a huge set of relevant image/video data. The more the data from different sources, the better would be the model. We work with large car insurance companies that already have numerous images of broken car parts. We can help you collect images and/or videos with a 360° angle from across the globe to train your ML models.

Vehicle damage assessment data collection
Vehicle damage assessment data annotation

Data Licensing

License off-the-shelf Vehicle image dataset/Car image dataset to train machine learning models to accurately assess vehicle damage, so as to predict insurance claims while minimizing loss for the insurance companies.

Data Annotation

Once the data is collected the system should automatically identify and analyze objects and scenarios to assess the damages in the real world. This is where data annotators help you annotate thousands of images/videos which further can be used to train ML models.

The annotators can help you annotate a dent, ding, or crack from the outer/inner panels of the car which includes: bumpers, fenders, quarter panels, doors, hoods, engine, seats, storage, trunks, etc.

Vehicle damage assessment data annotation
Vehicle damage assessment data segmentation

Data Segmentation

Once the data is annotated the same can be segmented or classified as:

  • Damage vs non-damaged
  • Damage Side: Front, Rear, Back
  • The severity of the damage: Minor, Moderate, Severe
  • Damage Classification: Bumper dent, Door dent, Glass shatters, Headlamp Broken, Tail lamp broken, Scratch, Smash, No damage, etc.

Vehicle Damage Detection Datasets

Damaged 2 wheelers Image Dataset

55k annotated images (1000 per model) of 2-wheelers along with metadata.

Damaged 2 wheelers image dataset

  • Use Case: Vehicle Damage Detection
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 55,000+
  • Annotation: Yes

Damaged 3 wheelers Image Dataset

82k annotated images (1000 per model) of 3-wheelers along with metadata

Damaged 3 wheelers image dataset

  • Use Case: Vehicle Damage Detection
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 82,000+
  • Annotation: Yes

Damaged 4 wheelers Image Dataset

32k annotated images (along with metadata) of damaged 4 wheelers.

Damaged 4 wheelers image dataset

  • Use Case: Vehicle Damage Detection
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 32,000+
  • Annotation: Yes

Damaged Vehicles (Minor) Video Dataset

5.5k videos of cars with minor damages from India and North America regions

Damaged vehicles (minor) video dataset

  • Use Case: Vehicle Damage Detection
  • Format: Videos
  • Volume: 5,500+
  • Annotation: No

Who Benefits?

An ML model built on high-quality data from Shaip can help

Ai companies

AI Companies

that build Machine Learning Models for Automobile Insurance

Insurance companies

Insurance Companies

by preventing frauds and speeding up the underwriting process

Car repair services

Car Repair Services

by bringing in the required transparency in cost estimation and repairs

Car rental services

Car Rental Services

by bringing transparency between customer and rental company while renting a car

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