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Content moderation services

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Data-driven Content moderation is the need of the hour, as businesses are striving to maintain their brand’s reputation while improving their offerings. 

World’s largest companies depend on user-generated content to rank higher in search engines. To create a thriving social community, businesses encourage their users to express their opinions on their sites. But content generated by the users can be a double-edged sword, which up to a certain extent be controlled with content moderation services.


According to Facebook; Content moderators review about 3 million posts a day 


8 in 10 consumers trust user-generated content to make  purchase & gauge brand quality as per Hubspot.

AI’s contribution to the global economy is projected to be around $15.7tn by the year 2030.

Why Content Moderation 

Content moderation refers to monitoring, evaluating, and managing user-generated content across digital platforms. It aims to uphold community guidelines, legal standards, and ethical norms. In today’s interconnected world, where online interactions are integral to communication, commerce, and social engagement, content moderation plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and safety of digital spaces. It aids a positive digital presence for brands. Business platforms allow users to express their views towards their products, services, and company. Shaip actively monitors such content before it goes live as it can make or mar your brand image. Our content monitoring services protect users and brands by helping you adhere to legal regulations. 

Internal & external moderation 

Internal & external moderation

Businesses can choose to moderate their content using internal or external teams. When companies don't have the bandwidth to dedicate a team to track incoming content, they engage experienced moderators like us to track, categorize, & review content. Content not confirming internal policies & legal requirements are not published.

People versus Algorithms 

People versus algorithms

Businesses can enjoy greater customer engagement when actual people moderate user-generated content. However, this is a resource-draining task. When brands publish and maintain significant quantities of content, the moderating algorithm is the only solution. Shaip's robust data helps train algorithms to detect words, phrases, images, & video in real-time and removes them.

Content Moderation Services

At Shaip, our distinguished proficiency in content moderation is a testament to our commitment. Our adept professionals understand the intricacies of language nuances and subject matter, ensuring that every content aligns with your platform’s guidelines. From social media platforms to community forums, we’ve got you covered.

  • Sexual content
  • Hate speech | Fake News
  • Violence & Illegal activities
  • Impersonation
  • Live chat review & moderation
  • Child abuse & Molestation
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Terrorist propaganda
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Inappropriate images
  • Political extremism
  • Other inappropriate content

What sets Shaip apart is our commitment to precision. We employ advanced tools and human oversight to guarantee accurate content analysis. Our suite of content moderation services encompasses the following:

Text & Comment Moderation Services

Text moderation services

We diligently review user-generated content - documents, chat conversations, catalogs, discussion boards, and comments by applying stringent guidelines to identify and eliminate offensive language, cyberbullying, hate speech, and explicit & sensitive content that damage brand reputation. This service guarantees that your digital spaces remain respectful and engaging for all users.

Image Moderation Services 

Image moderation services

Our expert analysts employ cutting-edge image recognition technology to scan, review and assess images for explicit, graphic, extremism, drug abuse, violence, porn or inappropriate content. Whether user-uploaded images, profile pictures, or shared visuals, our dedicated approach ensures that only appropriate and compliant imagery is allowed on your platform.

Video Moderation Services

Video moderation services

We use advanced tech to assess & filter explicit or graphic content in videos, ensuring only appropriate and compliant visuals are shared on the platform. Advanced algorithms offer comprehensive, real-time moderation & reporting, automatically flagging suggestive and explicit content by reviewing lengthy videos frame-by-frame.

Social Media Content Moderation

Social media content moderation services

With AI model, scout through social media platforms to screen the comments, feedback, reviews posted by customers, target audiences, employees, and community members. The machine-assisted moderation technique manages real-time social media data in multiple languages across various social media channels.

Different Industries, One Solution

At Shaip, we understand that content moderation isn’t just a service – it’s an integral part of modern business strategies that fosters trust, enhances user experiences, and drives growth across the board. In a world where diverse industries demand tailored solutions, Shaip is the bridge connecting them.

Media & entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Maintain authenticity and shields audiences from harmful content, fostering engaging experiences while effectively curbing risks.

Social media moderation

Social Media Moderation

Social media channels are scanned for offensive, explicit and erotic content in posts, comments, feedback, and reviews.

Community moderation

Community Moderation

Moderating inappropriate comments, posts, and messages tereby preserving forum integrity

Gaming sites & apps

Gaming Sites & Apps

Shaip's AI-powered services provide real-time monitoring to curb toxic behavior, hate speech, and inappropriate content, safeguarding the gaming ecosystem.

Children websites

Children Websites

Shaip shields young users from inappropriate or harmful materials, cultivating trust among parents and upholding the website's reputation.


Shaip ensures only reliable and safe advice reaches people online, enabling a healthy online healthcare ecosystem.

Ad moderation

Ad Moderation

Verifying the content of advertisements, including images and text, for compliance with regulatory standards.

Publishing moderation

Publishing Moderation

Identifying discrepancies and offensive content in published works to help build trust and brand engagement for media and publishing houses.

Ecommerce moderation

Ecommerce Moderation

Moderate content to enhance customer experience, keeping virtual shelves free from spam, scams, that spoil shopping experience.

Success Stories

30K+ docs web scraped and annotated

The client developed an ML model for the cloud and needed training data. We leveraged NLP expertise to gather, categorize, and annotate 30K+ English and Spanish documents as Toxic, Mature, or Explicit for their automated content moderation ML model.

Problem: Web scraping 30K documents from prioritized domains in Spanish and English, categorizing and labeling content for toxic, mature or explicit categories with 90%+ annotation accuracy.

Solution: Web scrapped 30k docs each for Spanish & English from BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and bifurcated content into short, medium, long docs. Labeled classified content as toxic, mature, or explicit, achieving 90%+ quality through two-tier QC: Level 1 validated 100% files, and Level 2 CQA Team assessed 15-20% samples.

Content moderation case study

Benefits of Content Moderation

Safety First

It filters out harmful, offensive, or inappropriate content, ensuring a secure environment for all users.

No Spam

Content moderation filters out irrelevant and annoying content, keeping your platform spam-free.

Fosters Community

It removes trolls & troublemakers, promoting healthy discussions and a safe space for sharing ideas.

Global Compliance

Helps platforms adhere to different regional laws and regulations worldwide.

Amplifies User Exp.

Focuses on quality content, making the platform more engaging & user-friendly.

Protect Reputation

It prevents damaging content from going viral and tarnishing your brand's image.

Positive Environment

Maintains a civil, constructive, and respectful conversation, fostering a positive atmosphere.

Prevents Infringement

Identifies and addresses copyright and intellectual property violations, protecting both creators and users.

You’ve finally found the right Content Moderation Company

Hiring for Resiliency

By setting clear community guidelines and quality standards, we have a strong team of highly resilient and well-trained content moderators.

Proven Processes

We follow proven process flow that follows a stringent set of rules at every step to ensure adherence to quality guidelines for enhanced brand protection.

Localized Compliance

We consider the cultural, socio-political, linguistic, regional, and local governmental regulations before moderating online content.

Digital Expertise

Our years of global experience providing high-quality data annotation and content moderation services help us deliver customized content moderation services to brands.

Trusted & Experienced

Enjoy the highest standards of accuracy with our best-in-class algorithms and moderation techniques to screen, monitor, and review content.

Context-Driven Expertise

Our seasoned human moderators evaluate content within its appropriate context, preventing overzealous removals and false positives, ensuring a balanced and fair moderation process.

Competitive Pricing

Uncompromised Quality: We offer content moderation services that balance cost-effectiveness & quality, ensuring platform safety without compromising either aspect.


Content moderation scales to your needs, offering flexible solutions tailored to your platform's growth & maintaining consistent quality as your user base expands.

Multi-Layered Review

Flagged content undergoes a multi-layered review process by experienced moderators, guaranteeing accurate assessments and reducing false negatives.

Shaip’s Unique Content Moderation Approach

At Shaip, we take pride in our unique approach – a blend of cutting-edge technology and human insight. Armed with a deep understanding of diverse industries, our professionals work tirelessly to ensure your platforms are safe havens of quality interaction. Your content deserves nothing less than Shaip’s best.

1. Advanced AI Filtering Setup

Shaip uses cutting-edge technology to initially filter and segregate potentially objectionable content.

2. Initial Content Review

Human moderators conduct a preliminary review of AI-flagged content to ensure categorization accuracy.

3. Contextual Analysis

It prevents damaging content from going viral and tarnishing your brand's image.

4. Labelling and Categorization

Objectionable content is carefully labeled and categorized by moderators based on the nature of the violation.

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