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Fully Managed Data Collection Services

With data being of utmost importance to every organization’s success it is estimated that on average, AI teams spend 80% of their time preparing data for AI models. This data preparation usually includes multiple steps such as:

  • Identify the data required
  • Identify the availability of data
  • Profiling the data
  • Sourcing the data
  • Integrating the data
  • Cleaning the data
  • Data preparation

The Shaip team, aided by our proprietary data collection tool (mobile app available for Android and iOS), manages a global workforce of data collectors to gather training data for your AI & ML projects. Pulling from a wide variety of age groups, demographics, and educational backgrounds we can help you collect large volumes of machine learning datasets to meet the most demanding AI initiatives. Shaip assists you throughout the data collection process and lets you focus on the result and drive your AI project in one direction: FORWARD.

Professional Data Collection Solutions to Train AI/ML Models

Any subject. Any scenario.

From tracking human interactions, to collecting facial images, to measuring human sentiments — our solution offers crucial machine learning datasets for companies looking to train their Machine Learning models at scale. As a leader in data collection services, we help our clients source sizable volumes of high-quality training data across multiple data types, including text, audio, speech, image & video data to manage complex AI projects with unique scenario setups, as well as complex annotations.

We understand the rules, regulations, & implications of data collection while leveraging technology. Whether it is a one-time project or you need data on an ongoing basis, our experienced team of project managers ensures that the whole process runs smoothly.

Text Datasets For Natural Language Processing

The true value of Shaip cognitive text data collection services is that it gives organizations the key to unlock critical information found deep within unstructured text data. This unstructured data can include physician notes, personal property insurance claims, or banking records. A large amount of text data collection is essential in developing technologies that can understand human language. Our services cover a wide variety of text data collection services to build high-quality NLP datasets. 

Text data collection

Text Data Collection Services

Develop natural language processing with the collection of domain-specific multi-lingual text data (Business Card Dataset, Document Dataset, Menu Dataset, Receipt Dataset, Ticket Dataset, Text Messages) to unlock critical information found deep within unstructured data to solve a variety of use cases. Being a Text Data Collection Company, Shaip offers various types of Data Collection and Annotation services. Such as:

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Receipt dataset collection

Receipt Data Collection

We help you collect various types of invoices like internet invoices, shopping invoices, cab receipts, hotel bills, etc from all across the globe & in languages as required.

Ticket dataset collection

Ticket Dataset Collection

We help you source various types of tickets i.e. airline tickets, railway tickets, bus tickets, cruise tickets, etc. from across the globe based on your custom specifications.

Ehr data collection

EHR Data & Physician Dictation Transcripts

We can offer you off-the-shelf EHR data & Physician Dictation Transcripts from various medical specialties i.e., Radiology, Oncology, Pathology, etc.

Document dataset

Document Dataset Collection

We can help you collect all types of important documents - like driving licenses, credit cards, from different geographies & languages as required to train ML models.

Speech Datasets For Natural Language Processing

Shaip offers end-to-end speech/audio data collection services in over 150+ languages to enable voice-enabled technologies to cater to a diverse set of audiences across the globe. We can work on projects of any scope and size; from licensing existing off-the-shelf audio datasets, to managing custom audio data collection, to audio transcription and annotation. No matter how big is your speech data collection project, we can customize the audio collection services to suit your needs to build high-quality NLP datasets.

Speech Data Collection Services

We are a leader when it comes to speech/audio data collection for training & improving conversational AI & chatbots. We can help you collect data from over 150 languages and dialects, accents, regions, and voice types, then transcribe (with utterances), timestamp, and categorize it. Various types of Speech Data Collection and Annotation Services that we offer:

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Speech data collection
Monologue speech

Monologue Speech Collection

Collect scripted, guided or spontaneous speech dataset from individual speaker. The speaker is selected basis your custom requirement i.e. Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Dialect, Language etc.

Dialogue speech

Dialogue Speech Collection

Collect guided or spontaneous speech datasets / interaction between a Call Centre Agent & Caller or Caller & Bot based on custom requirement or as specified in the project.

Acoustic speech

Acoustic Data Collection

We can professionally record studio-quality audio data be it restaurants, offices, or homes or from various environments and languages, through our global network of collaborators.

Natural language utterance

Natural Language Utterance Collection

Shaip has a rich experience in collecting diverse natural language utterances to train audio-based ML systems with speech samples in 100+ languages & dialects from local and remote speakers.

Image Datasets For Computer Vision

A machine learning (ML) model is as good as its training data; hence we focus on providing you the best image datasets for your ML models. Our image data collection tool will make your computer vision projects work in the real world. Our experts can collect image content for all kinds of specifications and situations as specified by you.

Image data collection

Image Data Collection Services

Add computer vision to your machine learning capabilities by collecting large volumes of image datasets (medical image dataset, invoice image dataset, facial dataset collection, or any custom data set) for a variety of use cases i.e., image classification, image segmentation, facial recognition, etc. Various types of Image Data Collection and Annotation Services that we offer:

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Finance document annotation

Document Dataset Collection

We provide image data sets of various documents i.e., driving license, identity card, credit card, invoice, receipt, menu, passport, etc.

Facial recognition

Facial Dataset Collection

We offer a variety of facial image datasets consisting of facial features, perspectives, & expressions, collected from people from multiple ethnicities, age groups, gender, etc.

Medical data licensing

Healthcare Data Collection

We provide medical images i.e., CT Scan, MRI, Ultra Sound, Xray from various medical specialties such as Radiology, Oncology, Pathology, etc.

Hand gesture

Hand Gesture Data Collection

We offer image data sets of various hand gestures from people across the globe, from multiple ethnicities, age groups, gender, etc.

Video Datasets For Computer Vision

We help you capture each object in a video frame-by-frame, we then take the object in motion, label it, and make it recognizable by machines. Collecting quality video datasets to train your ML models has always been a stringent and time-consuming process, diversity and the massive quantities required add’s to further complexity. We at Shaip offer you the required expertise, knowledge, resources, & scale needed when it comes to video data collection services. Our videos are of the highest quality that is tailored specifically to meet your specific use case.

Video Data Collection Services

Collect actionable training video datasets like CCTV footages, traffic video, surveillance video, etc. to train machine learning models. Each dataset is customized to meet your exact requirements. With the help of our Video Data Collection Tool, we offer collection and annotation services for various types of data:

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Video data collection
Human posture video

Human Posture Video Dataset Collection

We offer video datasets of various human postures like walking, sitting, sleeping, etc. under different lighting conditions & different age groups.

Drones & aerial video

Drones & Aerial Video Dataset Collection

We offer video data with an aerial view using drones for different instances like traffic, stadium, crowd, etc.

Cctv surveillance

CCTV/Surveillance Video Dataset

We can collect surveillance video from security cameras for law enforcement to train and identify a person having criminal background.

Traffic video dataset

Traffic Video Dataset Collection

We can collect traffic data from multiple locations under different lighting conditions and intensity to train your ML models.

Specialty: Data Catalogs & Licensing

Healthcare/Medical Datasets

Our de-identified clinical datasets include data from 31 different specialties i.e., Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, etc.

Speech/Audio Datasets

Source high-quality curated speech data in over 60 languages

Computer Vision Dataset

Image and Video datasets to accelerate ML development.

Can’t find what you are looking for? New off-the-shelf datasets are being collected across all data types i.e. text, audio, image, and video. Contact us today.

Why choose Shaip over other Data Collection Companies

To effectively deploy your AI initiative, you’ll need large volumes of specialized training datasets. Shaip is one of the very few companies in the market that ensures world-class, reliable training data at scale complying with regulatory/ GDPR requirements.

Data Collection Capabilities

Create, curate, and collect custom-built datasets (text, speech, image, video) from 100+ nations across the globe based on custom guidelines.

Flexible Workforce

Leverage our global workforce of 30,000+ experienced & credentialed contributors. Flexible task assignment & real-time workforce capacity, efficiency, & progress monitoring.


Our proprietary platform & skilled workforce use multiple quality control methods to meet or exceed quality standards set for collecting AI training datasets.

Diverse, Accurate & Fast

Our process streamlines, the collection process through easier task distribution, management, & data capture directly from the app & web interface.

Data Security

Maintain complete data confidentiality by making privacy our priority. We ensure data formats are policy controlled and preserved.

Domain Specificity

Curated domain-specific data collected from industry-specific sources based on customer data collection guidelines.

Our Industry Expertise

Our humans-in-the-loop data collection services provide high-quality training data for industries such as





Fashion & ecommerce - image labeling


Autonomous vehicles



Financial Services



Data Collection Proces

Data collection process

Data Collection Tools

The proprietary ShaipCloud data collection tool is designed to streamline the distribution of various tasks to global teams of data collectors. The app interface allows data collection and annotation service providers to easily view their assigned collection tasks, review detailed project guidelines (including samples), and swiftly submit & upload data for approval by project auditors. This app is meant to be used in conjunction with the ShaipCloud Platform. The app is available on the Web, Android and iOS.

Reasons to choose Shaip as your Trustworthy AI Data Collection Partner



Dedicated and trained teams:

  • 30,000+ collaborators for Data Creation, Labeling & QA
  • Credentialed Project Management Team
  • Experienced Product Development Team
  • Talent Pool Sourcing & Onboarding Team


Highest process efficiency is assured with:

  • Robust 6 Sigma Stage-Gate Process
  • A dedicated team of 6 Sigma black belts – Key process owners & Quality compliance
  • Continuous Improvement & Feedback Loop


The patented platform offers benefits:

  • Web-based end-to-end platform
  • Impeccable Quality
  • Faster TAT
  • Seamless Delivery

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AI training data is also known as machine learning datasets or nlp datasets. It is the information used to train AI/ML models. Machine Learning models use large sets of training data (audio, video, images, or text) to understand and learn patterns in the given data, to accurately predict outcomes, when a new set of data is presented in real-life scenarios.

As AI models need to be trained in order to be perceptive with decision making, you need to feed them with relevant, cleaned, and labeled data. This is where data collection comes into play as it involves identifying, gathering, and measuring appropriate datasets across disparate domains, for making the AI setups more intuitive in nature and also better suited to handling specific business problems.

Data collection varies depending on the technology you want to train the model for. Roughly speaking, the coarser types include text dataset collection and speed dataset procurement for NLP, and Image dataset and video dataset collections for computer vision.

  • Crowdsourcing: Companies such as Amazon Mechanical Turk use public crowdsourcing which distributes the work required for collected data among public data annotators who are willing to participate in the process
  • Private crowds: A controlled team of data collectors to keep a check on the quality of the data sourced.
  • Data Collection Companies: Shaip is one of the very few vendors in the market that can help you source any data be it text, audio, video or image based on your requirement.
  • What is the problem to be solved?
  • What are the crucial data points required to trail ML algorithms?
  • What data is captured, where it is stored, and if the data to be sourced can truly resolve real-world problems?
  • Sufficient/ large quantity of internal data may not be available to companies to develop AI models
  • Even if the data is available, the data may be biased because of the usage patterns among a specific set of customers (lacks diversity)
  • Existing data may be missing situational contexts such as location, environmental conditions, and other relevant variables for predicting an outcome and thereby, not meeting customer requirements.

An AI data collection company helps you identify the type of data that best suits the ideated AI models. Plus, a credible firm also makes the data available, profiles the same as per needs, sources it via legible sources, integrates the same with requirements, cleans the same and prepares via annotation, NLP standards, and other technologies.

AI data collection is a hugely specialized realm that needs you to first identify potential sources. Outsourcing the same to credible firms makes sense as they are far more capable of creating customized datasets whilst keeping an eye on quality, accuracy, speed, specificity, and obviously security.