Optical Character Recognition

AI Training Data For OCR

Optimize data digitization with high-quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR) training data to build intelligent ML models.

Optical character recognition

Reduce the learning curve of AI models with reliable OCR Training Dataset

Deciphering and digitizing scanned images of text is a challenge for many businesses developing reliable AI and Deep Learning models. With Optical Character Recognition, a specialized process, it is possible to search, index, extract and optimize data into machine-readable format. This scanned document dataset is being used to extract information from handwritten documents, invoices, bills, receipts, travel tickets, passports, medical labels, street signs and more. To develop reliable and optimized models, it should be trained on OCR datasets that have extracted data from thousands of scanned documents.

How our expertise in developing accurate OCR training datasets works in YOUR favor?

• We provide client-specific OCR training dataset solutions that help customers develop optimized AI models.
• Our capabilities extend to offering scanned PDF datasets and covering different letter sizes, fonts and symbols from documents.
• We combine the precision of technology & human experience to provide a scalable, reliable and affordable solution for clients.

OCR Use Cases

Freestyle handwritten text datasets to develop powerful ML models.

Collect / Source thousands of high-quality handwritten datasets in hundreds of languages and dialects to train machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models. We can also help in extracting text within an image.

Handwritten forms dataset

Handwritten Forms Dataset

Freestyle handwritten text paragraphs datasets

Freestyle Handwritten Text Paragraphs Datasets 


Datasets consisting of invoice/ receipt where several items were purchased e.g., coffee shop, Restaurant bills, Grocery, Online shopping, Toll receipts, Airport cloakroom, Lounge, Fuel bill, Bar invoice, internet bills, shopping bills, taxi receipts, restaurant bills, etc. collected from different region and in different languages as required for the ML model. Save significant time and money by transcribing key data from invoices and receipts effectively and accurately.

Receipt data collection

Receipt Data Collection: Data Extraction of Receipts with OCR

Invoice data collection

Invoice Data Collection: Transcribe reliable data with Scanned Invoice Datasets

Flight tickets

Tickets: Flight tickets, Taxi tickets, Parking ticket, Train tickets, Movie Ticket Processing with OCR 

Transcription of documents

Transcription of Multi-category Scanned Documents: Newsletters, Resume, Forms with checkbox, Multi-document in a single image, User manual, Tax forms etc.

Multilingual Document

Multilingual handwritten data collection services for pattern recognition, computer vision, and other machine learning solutions to train Optical Character Recognition models.

Ocr – multilingual document 1

OCR – Multilingual document 1

Ocr – multilingual document 2

OCR – Multilingual document 2

Scene Data Collection

Medicine bottle with labels, English Street/Road scene with car license plate, English Street/Road scene with instruction/info board etc.

Transcribe medical labels with ocr

Transcribe Medical Labels or Drug Labels with OCR

Number plate recognition using ocr

Number Plate Recognition using OCR

Detecting street/road & extract information street board data with ocr

Detecting Street/Road & Extract Information Street Board data with OCR

OCR Datasets

Text & Image Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Datasets to get you going in order to train real-world applications. Can’t find the data you need? Contact Us Today.

Barcode Scanning Video Dataset

5k videos of barcodes with a duration of 30-40 sec from multiple geographies

Barcode scanning video dataset

  • Use Case: Object Recognition Model
  • Format: Videos
  • Volume: 5,000+
  • Annotation: No

Invoices, PO, Receipts Image Dataset

15.9k images of receipts, invoices, purchase orders in 5 languages i.e. English, French, Spanish, Italian & Dutch

Invoices, purchase orders, payment receipts image dataset

  • Use Case: Doc. Recognition Model
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 15,900+
  • Annotation: No

German & UK Invoice Image Dataset

Delivered 45k images of German & UK Invoices

German & uk invoice image dataset

  • Use Case: Invoice Recog. Model
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 45,000+
  • Annotation: No

Vehicle License Plate Dataset

3.5k images of Vehicle License Plates from different angles

Vehicle license plate dataset

  • Use Case: No. Plate Recognition
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 3,500+
  • Annotation: No

Handwritten Document Image Dataset

Collected and annotated 90K documents in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Korean

Handwritten document image dataset

  • Use Case: OCR Model
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 90,000+
  • Annotation: Yes

Document Dataset for OCR

23.5k docs in Japanese, Russian & Korean languages from Signs, Storefronts, Bottles, Documents, Posters, Flyers.

Document dataset for ocr

  • Use Case: Multilingual OCR Model
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 23,500+
  • Annotation: Yes

European Receipt Image Dataset

11.5k+ images of receipt from major European cities

European receipt image dataset

  • Use Case: Object detection model
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 11,500+
  • Annotation: No

Invoice/Receipt Dataset

75k+ receipts in multiple languages

Invoice/receipt dataset

  • Use Case: Receipt AI Models
  • Format: Images
  • Volume: 75,000+
  • Annotation: No

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OCR refers to a technology that enables computers to recognize and convert printed or handwritten characters in images or scanned documents into machine-encoded text. Machine learning models are often employed to enhance the accuracy and adaptability of OCR systems.

OCR works by using labeled datasets consisting of images of text and their corresponding digital transcriptions. The model is trained to recognize patterns in these images that correspond to specific characters or words. Over time, with enough data and iterative training, the model improves its accuracy in character recognition.

OCR is crucial in ML model training because it allows the model to learn and generalize from diverse textual representations, making it adaptable to various fonts, handwritings, and document types. A well-trained OCR model can handle real-world variances in text, resulting in more accurate text recognition across various applications.

Businesses can leverage OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to automate data entry from physical documents, digitize and search paper archives, efficiently process invoices and receipts, automatically extract information from forms, convert scanned PDFs into searchable formats, integrate with mobile apps for on-the-go data capture, and verify and authenticate documents in sectors like banking. Through these applications, OCR helps streamline operations, reduce manual errors, and enhance digital accessibility.