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The true value of Shaip cognitive data annotation and labeling services is that it gives organizations the key to unlock critical information found deep within unstructured data. This unstructured data can include physician notes, personal property insurance claims, or banking records. Through Shaip’s data annotation services, companies can develop Natural Language Processing (NLP)  and can access domain-specific insights about this information to help drive everything from better medical care for patients to making sure insurance claims are paid correctly.

Common text-based services include:

100s of people available to start data annotating (Can be scaled to 1000s)

Web-based annotation platform (designed with PHI & PII in mind)

Extraction of concepts from any source of unstructured text in de-identified form

Highly customizable platform to tailor annotations for distinct use cases

Text data collection:

Textual conversations in 150+ languages (bot-human or human-to-human)

EHR data (inpatient/ outpatient)

Physician dictation transcripts

Documents (text collection)

Q&A creation

Text annotation:

NER annotation and relationship mapping

NLP text annotation

Content categorization

Key phrase analysis

Intent and sentiment analysis

Text classification


When clients speak about our speech annotation, what you hear are success stories. From day one, Shaip has been a leader in developing, training and improving conversational AI, chatbots and voicebots. Our state-of-the-art audio annotation services are made possible, in part, by a global network of qualified linguists and an experienced project management team who can collect hours of multilingual speech and annotate large volumes of data covering utterances, monologues, and two-speaker conversations (scripted or spontaneous). What they help you accomplish are training speech-enabled applications. We are also experienced with transcribing speech files to extract meaningful insights available in multiple audio formats.

Speech annotation & speech labeling audio annotation & audio labeling

Common speech-based services include:

Speech-to-text transcription

Speaker identification




Speech data collection:

Utterances or wake-up words

Monologue Speech Collection

Spontaneous conversations b/w 2 speakers

Scripted conversations b/w 2 speakers

Call center conversations

Speech recordings in 150+ languages

Speech annotation:

Speaker diarization

Background noise tagging (cough, laugh, music)

Speech segmentation

Time stamping

Filler words insertion


Intent and sentiment analysis

Audio classification


From smart cars and smart cities to improved smartphone cameras and security surveillance, image annotation is a specialty that Shaip excels for clients around the world. Using Shaip AI data, we can enhance your AI-enabled machines as they use computer vision to detect patterns with image training data.

Where others stop we keep going. We can help AI-enabled companies create training data sets and develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for any industry. In fact, our skilled workforce helps annotate images using a series of precise manual processes and high-end technology software to deliver image annotation faster so you can build your models quicker and more efficiently.

Add to this the advantage that Shaip can scale to thousands of people to manage any size database, including yours. No project is too big, or too small for us.

Common Image-based services include:

Point Annotation

Line Annotation

Bounding (Box, Polygon, Curved, Circle/Ellipse)

Pixel Perfect Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation


Image data collection:

Human facial images

Food Images

Document Images

Invoice/Bills Images

Medical Lab Images ( CT Scans, MRIs)

Geospatial Images

e-Commerce Data Catalog

Image annotation:

Facial landmark annotation

Points and lines

Pixel perfect segmentation

Semantic segmentation


Shadow masking


Shaip can annotate video for machine learning applications used in robotics for improved manufacturing, autonomous driving cars and even enhancing a consumer’s buying experience. What we do best is accurately capture each object in a video, frame-by-frame. We take that moving object, annotate it, and make it recognizable for machine learning. We have the people, experience and the technology to help your team gain comprehensively labeled datasets to meet any video annotation requirement.

Common Video-based Services Include:

Object Tracking



Video data collection:

Video tracking eye movement

Video of humans in multiple variations

Geospatial video

Custom video data collection

Video annotation:

Video labeling

Object tracking

Intent and sentiment analysis

Video classification

Track human activity and pose estimation

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