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Shaip Announces Industry-Leading ShaipCloud Platform for High-Quality Machine Learning Training Data

Shaip Announces Industry-Leading ShaipCloud Platform for High-Quality Machine Learning Training Data

Louisville, Kentucky, USA – December 15, 2020: Shaip, a global leader and innovator in structured AI data solutions, announces the launch of its industry-agnostic platform “ShaipCloud,” for high-quality human-annotated machine learning data that transforms unstructured text, image, audio, and video data into customized, high-quality training datasets. Shaip helps organizations with all aspects of AI training data (i.e., data licensing, collection, transcription, annotation & de-identification) to solve their most demanding AI initiatives enabling smarter, faster and, better results.

Training data has always been a bottleneck to make AI work in the real world. At Shaip we focus on delivering end-to-end AI training data solutions that generate value and intelligence at scale for our clients. It’s all made possible through a unique combination of our human-in-the-loop platform, proven processes, and skilled workforce. With all this in place, we can create, license, or transform unstructured data into highly accurate and customized training datasets for companies, within their timeline and budget.

Shaip has been a true pioneer in building conversational AI, with its expertise to source, curate, and transcribe the right set of data in 50+ languages from across the globe, required to train AI-enabled speech models with utmost precision.  We also license highly curated de-identified healthcare data i.e., 5+ million patient records, 250k+ hours of patient audio files from over 31 specialties for Healthcare AI.

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO, Shaip, said, “It gives us immense pleasure to launch the ShaipCloud Platform that is an extension of our ability to bridge the gap between industries with AI initiatives and the massive amounts of high-quality data required to train AI/ML models. We truly believe that our data makes AI work in the real world.”

Commenting on the launch, Hardik Parikh, CRO, Shaip said, “The ultimate benefit that ShaipCloud Platform provides its clients, is the vast amounts of curated data that it offers to train AI models with superior accuracy to achieve the highest possible outcomes. And it’s all done right the first time while adhering to the most demanding project specifications. This is evident from the fact that we have been a partner of choice for many top fortune companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.”

Shaip is comprised of a diverse workforce of over 7,000+ skilled professionals located throughout the world. We believe that not only does our entire team deserve the best opportunities to better achieve what they desire in life, but we help provide them with the means and resources to impact change where they live.

About Shaip

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Shaip is a fully managed data platform designed for companies looking to solve their most demanding AI challenges enabling smarter, faster and, better results. Shaip supports all aspects of AI training data from data collection, licensing, labeling, transcribing, and de-identifying by seamless scaling of our people, platform, & processes to develop AI/ML models. To learn more about how to make your data science team and leaders’ life easier, visit us at

Our venture companies include Mediscribes – a leader in Medical Transcription/ Clinical Documentation and Specialty EMR / EHR, to clinics and hospitals across the United States. Website –; & ezDI – a provider of Computer-Assisted Coding, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Encoder, Code Auditing, and Analytic tools designed to simplify medical coding and clinical documentation workflow. Website –


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