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MRI Scan Image Dataset

Computer vision models are designed to derive meaningful information from digital images and videos, according to IBM. It allows extensive use of healthcare image data to provide better diagnosis, treatment, and prediction of diseases. It can use context from the image sequence, texture, shape, and contour information, as well as past knowledge, to produce 3D and 4D information that aids in improved human understanding. Like CT scans, MRIs are also used to diagnose and detect abnormal or normal conditions in a patient’s body (i.e., to identify disease or injury within various body parts). 

Shaip provides high-quality MRI image datasets essential for research and medical diagnosis. Our datasets include thousands of high-resolution images collected from real patients and processed with state-of-the-art techniques. These datasets are designed to help medical professionals and researchers improve their knowledge and understanding of various medical conditions, including cancer, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. With Shaip, you can access reliable and accurate medical data to enhance your research and improve patient outcomes.

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We deal with all types of Data Licensing i.e., text, audio, video, or image. The datasets consist of Medical datasets for ML: Physician Dictation Dataset, Physician Clinical Notes, Medical Conversation Dataset, Medical Transcription Dataset, Doctor-Patient Conversation, Medical Text Data, Medical Images – CT Scan, MRI, Ultra Sound (collected basis custom requirements).