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Glancing at the Future of Automobiles in Retrospect to Conversational AI

Automotive conversational AI is the latest innovation of engineers that is getting huge attention lately. It enables the users to interact with the chatbot or voice assistant to perform distinct vehicle operations. From managing the car infotainment system to operating several features of the car, conversational AI can significantly improve the customer in-vehicle experience.

The Automotive Artificial Intelligence industry has been growing at a tremendous pace recently. Global Newswire suggests that the trends and data show that the revenue of the automotive AI industry will extensively shoot up in the coming years. It is believed that it will surpass US$53,118 million by 2030.

Having said that, you might have figured out the scope for the growth of in-cabin voice assistant in future vehicles.

How Conversational AI is Driving Automobiles into the Future?

Conversational AI is a great technology to be embedded in the vehicle system. It optimizes the vehicle to deliver the user a unique automotive environment. By pairing up with the vehicle’s infotainment system, it provides the user with features like navigation, entertainment, guidance, food ordering, etc.

In addition, it also keeps a record of your car data to generate key insights. It leads to predictive car maintenance and also generates better car efficiency. The technological advancements today have allowed us to optimize the vehicles specific to user needs to provide them with a better experience.

Conversational AI technology is doing the same, and needless to say; it is one of the essential driving factors in today’s changing automobile industry.

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What are the 10 Must-Have Features of Conversational AI?

Automotive conversational AI is a splendid technology with several great features. The following are some of its crucial features and use cases:

  1. In-Car Voice Assistants In-Car Voice Assistants: Interaction with virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa has become common today. The ease of getting work done with effective and speedy results is why this technology is also installed in our vehicles. As more models, geographies, and use cases are added to cabin voice assistant, the higher user experience it will offer the users.
    Multilingual Voice Assistants: In this world of personalization, having conversational AI that can speak different languages is a must. It allows people to get more comfortable and have an exceptional driving experience.
  2. Connectivity Options Connectivity Options: Unlike in the past, when maintaining uniform connectivity while driving was challenging, today’s automotive conversational AI technology is far more advanced. You get both embedded and cloud functionality which enables you to perform embedded voice functions and retrieve information from the cloud.Whether driving in a remote location with no internet, you can still access the assistant and perform several operations. For instance, operating car features, streaming music, ordering food, navigation, and asking any informative questions.
  3. Charging Stations Information Charging Stations Information: Based on your GPS location, the conversational AI can also notify you about the nearest charging station for your car. This important feature is highly beneficial for EV users.

  4. Voice Commerce Opportunities Voice Commerce Opportunities: Voice commerce is undoubtedly the future of automobiles. The virtual assistant allows the user to enjoy a seamless journey by providing suggestions like the next gas station, parking status, food ordering, etc.

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  1. Customer Engagement Customer Engagement: Conversational AI also is great at enhancing customer engagement with the brand. As chatbots are AI-powered, they can normally interact with the user while they drive to collect valuable information about the user. It will help the AI make vehicle service calls and provide related information about the vehicle to its owner.
  2. Car Discovery Car Discovery: Conversational AIs not only guide you after you purchase the vehicle but can also be leveraged to decide on the right car for yourself. By generating information about you and your preferences, conversational AI can help configure a car and even book a test drive for your desired car at the nearest dealer.
  3. Capturing Customer Feedback: It is crucial information that can help you optimize your brand strategies. You can reflect with more effective solutions from the data you collect as feedback. Some of the ways to collect customer feedback are:Capturing Customer Feedback
    • Feedback surveys
    • Email and customer contact forms
    • Usability tests
    • Exploratory customer interviews
    • Social media
    • On-site activity
    • Instant feedback from your website
  4. Providing After Sales Support Providing After Sales Support: Conversational AIs are there to support you 24/7. They proactively reach out to you to provide any crucial information regarding vehicle operations. Also, they suggest stops, routes, and other relevant information to make your journey absolute.

  5. Offering Product Information Offering Product Information: One of the best features of digital car assistants is they can engage you in insightful discussions. For instance, you wish to buy a new vehicle. You can conversate with your in-cabin voice assistant to discuss vehicles available, models, and their features. It provides you with accurate product information about available vehicles you would like.
  6. Booking Service Appointment Booking Service Appointment: We often forget about making service appointments for our vehicles. However, conversational AI reminds you about your vehicle’s service and can make an appointment for it. In addition, it also provides information regarding service details, costs, and expected delivery dates.

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Wrapping Up

The perks of an automotive conversational AI are countless, making it the perfect technology for the future. We are already inclined toward different AI systems that have made our lives easier. With conversational AIs embedded in the automotive industry, the future of automobiles will undoubtedly be remarkable. If you, too, are interested in designing your personalized conversational AI, contact our Shaip expert team now.

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