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How to Create Space for Equality in Pain Management with AI?

As per studies, individuals from minority and underprivileged groups experience more pain than any other individual. So how can this pain be managed? Let’s dig for the answer in this guest feature and know how AI can help in creating space for equity in pain management.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • As a study found in 2005, a subset of medical trainees found out that black people are not as sensitive to pain as white people and were less likely to address black people’s pain. But this pain management equality can be achieved by using AI.
  • As per the researchers, robots are not going to replace doctors. Organizations use X-rays to detect the pain appearing physically in the body. Using an AI-driven approach, this pain inequality can be managed better.
  • In order to design the most appropriate treatment strategy for patients, healthcare staff generates accurate pain scores and visual aids like “heat maps” of painful knee areas. With data annotation tools and techniques this pain management can be easily and fastly detected.

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