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How is Image Labeling and Annotation Growing in Demand?

In this latest guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and co-founder of Shaip having an experience of 21 years in Artificial Intelligence have shared some insights on how is image labeling and annotation growing in demand and what are driving factors behind this growth.

Key Takeaways from Article are-

  • Being introduced as a concept back in the 1950s Artificial Intelligence has not become a household name until a couple of years back. The evolution of AI has been gradual and it has taken 6 decades to offer the insane features and functionalities it does today. This is the reason, today every second solution is powered by an AI-driven module or an algorithm.
  • With concepts like self-driving cars, advanced drones, satellites, and more rolling out one after the other computer vision is becoming an integral part of the system’s tech stack.
  • Hence with the growth of computer vision, the demand for image labeling and annotation has been also high. As per the report, the data annotation tools market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% within the year 2026.

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