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AI, ML, and Deep Learning- Know the Difference

In this specific guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya, CEO & co-founder of Shaip has tried to solve the puzzle of understanding the difference between AI, Machine Learning(ML), and Deep learning. These technologies are of higher use all across organizations and enterprises.

The key takeaway from the article is-

  • Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics in the recent digital era. Along with AI machine learning and deep learning are some of the technologies widely adopted by organizations. Today any single product that you took out from the market, will definitely be magical.
  • AI is a technology that empowers machines to mimic human interaction and perform the process. It is all about teaching machines how to think, react and respond. AI is of three types narrow AI, general AI, and super AI. Machine Learning is all about training machines to detect patterns, learn and adapt based on the outcome.
  • Deep learning is all about understanding complex networks and their depth of them. Deep learning can be understood by studying neural networks.  There are two types of neural networks and these are convolutional and long short-term memory.

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