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Why AI is inadequate without Data Annotation?

In this latest feature, Vatsal Ghia, the CEO and co-founder of Shaip shed some light on fanciful offerings of technology and explores the real job that goes behind the curtains and aspects like- data generation, data labeling, data processing, and more.

The Key Takeaway from Article is:

  •  Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning(ML) technologies are often seen as a solution to create powerful tech companies and convenient and futuristic solutions. Hence, hardly it gets projected to people what is behind these technologies and all the conveniences offered by AI models.
  • The whole spectrum of Artificial Intelligence is just like a fancy restaurant, where it takes a lot of data annotation techniques like image annotation, text annotation, audio annotation, and others. And data annotation lays the foundation for AI-based processes to happen.
  • But, data annotation is as complex as the process it supports. And Human intervention is inevitable in tagging elements for AI models and this makes the entire process not only time-consuming but tedious. Hence, enterprises use external sources to get their data challenges done.

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