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What is Text Annotation and their types?

Being a technological innovation leader and having 20 years of experience in software and services, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and co-founder of Shaip talked about the importance of text annotation and how it is beneficial.

The key Takeaways from Article are

  • Have you ever wondered how your smartphone seems to accurately predict what you have in mind as you type your text responses? Well, behind every such incident comes concepts in action like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning(ML), and most importantly Natural Language Processing(NLP).
  • To push the boundaries a little more we need to train Machine Learning(ML) modules with large volumes of data and to label data with descriptions requires the use of a text annotation tool. Text annotation tools identify and label sentences with additional information and metadata to identify the characteristics of sentences.
  • But, to make text annotation work, text labeling must be done by experts who meticulously tag every single aspect of a sentence to ensure nothing crucial for the machine to understand. The distinct text annotation techniques are- Sentiment Annotation, Intent Annotation, Text classification, and Linguistic Annotation.

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