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Data Annotation : The Complete Guide for Beginners

With more than 20 years of experience and being a serial entrepreneur in healthcare AI software, Vatsal Ghiya, CEO & co-founder of Shaip has a plethora of knowledge on data. In this guest feature, he has shared some important points and the importance of data annotation for the organization.

Key takeaways from the article are-

  • Whatever we experience in our daily lives that is in-built with AI and machine learning technology, has data that make it efficient to perform the operations. And in this tedious journey, the backbone is data annotation. As machines don’t have a mind or brain, they need to spoon-feed the relevant information in a structured format.
  • Data annotation is all about tagging and labeling information in a dataset to let machines understand what they are and how they have to perform. Data annotation experts and skilled professionals can annotate any data in an efficient and fast manner.
  • Data annotation is of multiple types like semantic annotation, text categorization, video & image annotation, and Sentiment annotation. And data annotation can be used in multiple instances like autonomous cars, car tracking, and many others.

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