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Why Data Collection is Vital Key to Drive Better Surveillance through Drone?

Vatsal Ghiya CEO and Co-founder of Shaip is a serial entrepreneur having 20 years of experience in offering AI services in healthcare have a keen interest in discussing technology trends and insights. In this guest feature, Vatsal has shared why data collection is important to make accurate surveillance and offer better services to customers. 

The Key Takeaway from the Article is

  • Do you know the true power of drones goes beyond that just delivering the parcel for e-commerce? Yes, you heard it right! Right from collecting data from farms to checking the health of crops, drones can also help in emergency areas to help people who are stuck.
  • And to make the best use of drones, Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged for better decision-making and analysis. There are multiple types of drone data that can be collected using artificial intelligence, and these are image, voice & communication, location & navigation, and many others.
  • Moreover, these drones can be used for multiple applications like inspecting bridges, inspecting mines, inspecting power lines, inspecting oil & gas pipelines, and weather forecast.

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