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How to Reimagine Healthcare Sector with Data Collection Tool?

This guest feature represents the importance of data in the healthcare industry. Vatsal Ghiys, CEO & Co-founder of Shaip has shared some insightful pointers on how to use data collection tools for transforming the healthcare sector.

Key takeaways from the article are-

  • As per the IDC report, data volume is expected to increase by at least 48% each year from now on. And in healthcare data holds the utmost importance right from clinical trials to patient care management. As there is a huge volume of unstructured data, it is vital to collect and use that data.
  • The Healthcare industry in the digital era seems to be flooded with data to run their operations. Data collection can truly help them in achieving supremacy in giving excellent patient care and better decision-making.
  • Healthcare organizations also cut the cost by using data collection tools as paper trails are replaced by autogenerated health records that can be escalated to multiple systems and easily carry forward for further processing. Also, data collection can help healthcare organization to prevent any outbreak by keeping an eye on healthcare data insights.

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