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Conversational AI to Reimagine the Customer Experience

Vatsal Ghiya CEO and Co-founder of Shaip, in this guest feature, has shared some insights on the importance of Conversational AI and how post-pandemic it is accelerating and reimagining the customer experience for enterprises all across the globe.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • Post-pandemic enterprises are investing in technologies like Conversational AI to enhance and give better customer experience to create more revenues. And as per a report, around 57% of customers agree that conversational AI bots can deliver a large return on investment or minimal effort. Also, conversational AI constantly creates a learning process to give real-time information by using machine-learning datasets.
  • The technologies that are included in Conversational AI are natural language processing, intent detection, speech-to-text, value extraction, and text-to-speech. With the combination of technologies, enterprises can create effective conversations and offer faster resolution.
  • Needless to say, Conversational AI is the best option to give personalized customer service to cater to customer needs. In the customer service area, COnversational AI can be used to get data insights for optimized customer service, agent assistance, performing booking and reservation activities, and a lot more.

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