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A Brief Overview on Prominent Image Annotation Techniques and Use Cases

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and co-founder of the Shaip, in a special guest feature shared some insights on the skills and techniques of Image Annotation and where all image annotation can be utilized to create more innovative AI solutions.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • What appears simple, is tedious to deploy and develop any AI system. In layman’s language, image annotation is very similar to the process of teaching a kid the names of fruits from a book. And image annotators use diverse techniques to teach a system how to identify image elements, and classify them for optimum results.
  • To give you a better idea about image annotation techniques let’s look at some of the image annotations. These techniques are- bounding boxes, 3D cuboids, polygons, line segmentation, and semantic segmentation.
  • All these image annotation techniques can be utilized in designing software for car parking 3D models, and autonomous cars, discovering hiding objects behind an element, taking aerial shots of landscapes, assigning multiple codes and colors for identification, and creating computer vision applications like brain lesions.

Read the full article here:

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