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4 Basic Things To Know About Data De-identification

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and co-founder of Shaip is a tech enthusiast keen on sharing insights on data and automation solutions. In this latest guest feature, he has shared some insights on the basics of data de-identification.

Key Takeaways from Article are-

  • With data generating at the rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes every day, big companies and organizations are keen on adopting big data, and AI technologies into their product and services. As data contain confidential information it is a must for organizations to secure it. That’s where data de-identification comes into the picture.
  • Data de-identification is the process of separating an individual’s identity from the data. For example, a person’s clinical record after a medical trial has to be made interoperable and data de-identification has taken care of enabling the sharing of only relevant information to the system.
  • In layman’s language data de-identification is not a practice but a regulation, a mandate that strictly has to be adopted by the organization. HIPAA recommends two distinct data de-identification methods like safe harbor and expert determination. Hence, organizations must follow a systematic approach to data de-identification.

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