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What is Speech Recognition and Where to discover Speech Recognition Data?

Not everyone can understand what is your speech. But in today’s digital world, this can be achieved as well. Want to know how? Then this blog is must read for you to understand the importance of speech recognition datasets and its importance.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • In layman’s language, speech recognition is the ability to empower machines to identify, assess, and even respond to human speech in the way it is spoken. Moreover, speech recognition is the subset of conversational AI a machine learning tool that completely relies on technologies like  NLP and optimal data collection.
  • But, where do you find the speech recognition data? Organizations can extract this data from multiple sources and train them as per the requirements. These data can be extracted from customer-extracted data, public data, and vendor-provided data, for training speech recognition models.
  • The right set of data is important for creating quality speech-recognition systems. Hence, before training the speech recognition model it is important to take quality data only. So it is best to connect with the right vendor who can help you sail through the process.

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