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Top Trends to Look for Computer Vision for 2022

Want to make machines smarter than humans then you can’t miss the chance to reads this article. In this guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and cofounder of Shaip has shared some key points on why computer vision is the technology that enterprises must count on to create better process workflow and add a touch of intelligent vision in their enterprises.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • Computer vision is another Ai technology that is being popular and widely accepted just like Natural Language Processing for creating smarter and faster machines that can think like humans and offer help to humans as per their requirements and needs.
  • In the automotive industry, computer vision can be utilized for creating autonomous driving vehicles, and in healthcare, the same technology can be used to improve the diagnostic accuracy as well as medical imaging standards.
  • Also, companies like Amazon are using these technologies to create cashier free stores and enable shopping at ease without any disruption. The BFSI industry is not far behind in adopting these technologies and using them in fraud detection, customer behavior analysis, and other banking applications.

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