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5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Started With Data Annotation To Train Your Machine Learning Models

In the latest guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and cofounder of Shaip stressed the importance of data annotation for training machine learning models and also shared five key fundamental questions to ask before embarking on the data annotation journey.

The Key Takeaways from Article are-

  • They say that data is the new gold. But are you using data the right way to gain critical insights that can help accelerate business growth and create better Machine learning (ML) models? From mining to crushing and processing, data has to undergo a series of steps before Machine Learning(ML) has analyzed it and converted it into the form of identifiable format.
  • As far as data annotation is concerned, every organization has its own digital strategy to cope with it. Hence before starting with the data annotation process, it’s vital to keep track of some consideration.
  • These key questions are- do you have data, what data needs to be annotated, is there enough data in hand, How clean the data is, do you need SMEs for data annotation?

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