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Top Conversational AI Trend to Look for in 2022, Challenges and Techniques

How do you like when you don’t have to type and search about something on the web? Sound convenient, right? What if this conversation can be more interactive with Conversational AI? This guest feature contains detail insight into Conversational AI and what are top trends that need to keep in mind before implementation.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is

  • Across the globe, multiple organizations are adopting Conversational AI in their business process to accelerate their customer experience. But, are all of them are successful? The answer is, No. Before implementing Conversational AI it is best to look for the challenges that come with the adoption of Conversational AI.
  • Conversational AI trends that are making noise in 2022 are a slew of Intelligent DAs, usage of computer vision to enhance the vehicle experience, and offering 24/7 customer experience for better customer retention.
  • But it is also important to look for the challenges while implementing Conversational AI. First is not to choose any complex process with Conversational AI, add accurate datasets, and classify the conversational AI model properly to make it a success in the organization.

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