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Using gold standard datasets in healthcare AI to limit biases

Being an expert in improving healthcare AI by using diverse data, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and cofounder of Shaip has shared some exclusive insights on Healthcare AI and how Shaip is transforming healthcare AI with quality data.

Here are the key takeaways from the Interview

  • Vatsal Ghiya has started his journey in medical transcription, but with his growing expertise in healthcare AI, he realized that despite a lot of data collected from physicians all across the US, there is no technology that can make sense of these medical records and help physicians for better patient care.
  • From there we shifted our vision to create more use cases including and excluding healthcare with the growing demand in the market, And that’s how Shaip comes into existence. With Shaip we took our first project in Amazon to help them to launch Alexa in 25 different countries.
  • At present Shaip is not only just a healthcare AI company, but it is also helping many companies who have AI initiatives in multiple use cases and these are generally categorized into text, video, audio, images, and 3D too. Know more about what Vatsal Ghiya has shared.

Read the Full Interview Here:

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