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What is Machine Learning and Why Do You Need it?

Being a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and cofounder of Shaip has a keen interest in talking and discussing top trends in technology and key enabler that can help streamline business processes. In this latest guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya has shed light on the importance of Machine Learning(ML).

The key Takeaway from the article is-

  • Machine learning has arrived as a buzzword a few years ago and it continues to baffle a lot of people due to the way it is presented and portrayed. But in simple language machine learning is all about making machine learns processes to let them autonomously performs process and take actions.
  • With a large number of data circulating it’s tough for organizations to keep track of it manually. So in this scenario, machine learning can help organizations take care of the complex process and leave the optimization work to humans.
  • The machine learning process work in two ways first is unsupervised learning and another one is reinforcement learning. And the company which is planning to invest in machine learning must choose the right set of datasets.

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