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How Virtual Assistants Shape The Banking Industry?

Do you need help understanding how to start with virtual assistants in banking to accelerate the customer experience? Then this guest feature by Vatsal Ghiya is a must for you. In this guest feature, he talked about how virtual assistants transform customer experience in banking.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • If we look back at the past gone are the days when banking used to be done by being physically present there, In the digital era, banking organizations can use a lot more technology to satisfy their customer’s needs and fulfill their requirements without being there.
  • Among all the technologies that are being adopted, one of them is virtual assistants. These virtual assistants work by using AI technologies like Machine Learning, and NLP to understand customer queries and offer them instant resolution.
  • Banking organizations can use these virtual assistants for daily banking inquiries, make simple transactions, generate alerts and notifications on transactions and fraudulent activities, get advanced insights all across the business process, and save manual effort in processing the report and time spend on typing the data.

Read the full article here:

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