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Impact of Natural Language Processing in 2022

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and Co-founder of Shaip in this guest feature has talked about Natural Language Processing(NLP) and why it’s essential to include it in the business process in 2022. Let’s learn about the additional perks NLP brings to ML and AI models.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • As a brack of Artificial Intelligence, NLP is all about making machines responsive to human language. When it comes to the tech aspect of it, NLP uses computer science algorithms, and overall language structure to make the machines more intelligent. Basically, NLP is segregated into two vital phases data preprocessing and algorithm development.
  •  In the first stage NLP take input from written or spoken words from the outside world and fed this data into the machines. And on the later stage, NLP cleans the data using multiple techniques like stemming, lemmatization, PoS tagging, and many others and uses ML algorithms to make the data understandable for machines to understand.
  • The use of NLP in business is important for getting real-time information, improving document accuracy, understanding the meaning behind complex tests, getting a large-scale data analysis, and many other.

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