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AI and Machine Learning- The Saviors in Covid Battle

Being a technology enthusiast and expert Vatsal Ghiya CEO and co-founder of Shaip in this special guest feature shed light on the potential of AI and Machine Learning and how these technologies help fight the inevitable pandemic and Covid struggle.

Here are the Key Takeaway from the Article

  • Fighting a pandemic that too without using AI technologies looks like a  complete nightmare. The exponential rise of Covid-19 around the world has left healthcare infrastructure and any other strategy paralyzed. But, governments all across the world find a solution to tackle this global pandemic by using advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning.
  • These technologies have become life-saving agents for every single person. With allied technologies like big data, IoT, and Data Science, AI has offered tools to frontline caregivers and resources to researchers and drug developers.
  • All across the world government and healthcare organization has used AI and Machine Learning in contact tracing exposing fake news, and predicting virus infection. Also, these technologies have helped healthcare professionals in creating diagnostic chatbots, and developing vaccines for a faster cure to the Covid implications.

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