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Why do you Require NLP to Transform Conversational AI?

In this latest guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and cofounder of Shaip has shared some input on NLP and how using the NLP model can help in transforming the conversational AI model. Let’s get more about the use of NLP in conversational AI in this blog.

The Key Takeaway from the article is

  • How can you make the machine understand what human means? If put in simple language, Conversational AI is the segment or subdomain of AI that enables humans to interact more seamlessly with computing entities. And to make the understanding how Conversational AI understands the human, technologies like NLP can be used.
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP) is the technology that helps computers understand voice and text better and enable them to better interact with the world even much better than humans, Even using NLP, a human can interact with super-intelligent communication systems at ease.
  • NLP technologies can help in vocab enhancement, context determination, entity identification, utterance detection, and analyzing the intent. And NLP understands the intent of a voice by extracting the relevant activities.

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