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Key Fundamental Challenges to Keep in Mind Before AI Adoption

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and co-founder of Shaip in a recent guest feature on technological insights shared the key fundamental challenges that you might face before AI adoption.

These challenges help scale the AI game for organizations. 

Here are the Key Takeaways from the Article

  • Artificial Intelligence is the most revolutionary concept that has surfaced in the 21st century and it is the hottest most in-demand technology influencing every single industry it touches. Moreover, AI adoption can increase productivity by 40% for the whole organization. But, we hardly assess the challenges involved in incorporating them for business purposes.
  • Hence, before implementing AI it’s important to make proper planning. Because the challenges in AI adoption are real and without any strategy in place, Ai can become more of a bane than a blessing. 
  • But, what are the challenges that technology innovation leaders must look for? The first and foremost thing in AI adoption is the availability of data, and the second is the quality of data. Maintaining and getting data to require adequate skills and expertise that can set clear business goals and eliminate biases.

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